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Greetings, /tg/! Merry Christmas and a joyous Feast of the Emperor's Ascension to all!

Now in celebration of the season, let us tell each other tales of the Horus Heresy, distorted by ten millenia of truth suppression!

Hard mode: No mentioning traitor marines or primarchs, since the fall of those angelic beings if kept from the Imperium at large save places where CSM have operated in living memory!

I'll start

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Had a few questions about ordering from the chinaman at taobao. I've seen threads showing how damn close he is to GW's actual models and wanted to give him a go to spare my wallet from GW's prices.

1. How much is shipping typically and how long does it usually take?
2. How do I sign up? Is it through his actual page or do I go through the engtaobao website?

Anything else you think I should know is greatly appreciated.

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probably around 1400 euros. this includes packages I've received as gifts.(I only buy warhammer from ebay etc.)

I do not regret spending the money, I truly love this hobby.

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So this is a really weird question that we may not have an answer to here, and is contributing to the forty thousand 40k threads we have each day. So sorry...but I've heard that the Russian meta of the game is very different from ours here in the US. Tournaments feature very different uses of armies than what we view as the most min-maxed tourney list here, for whatever reason. Different styles of play or whatever. Is that true? What makes them so different?

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are the grey knights not a chapter?
I was thinkin the chapter be super small
about 300 marines in total

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/tg/, I'm thinking my gift to myself this Christmas is going to be starting a secondary 40k army. I know this probably marks me as a faggot, but I'd like to do Grey Knights. Even with all the Ward residue on the fluff, I still like the idea of these paladin Space Marines in bitching silver armor.

Can you guys make some suggestions for a 1,000 point army that doesn't use Draigo or in other ways mark me as scum more than just using the army anyway?

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Bumpabump. It occurs to me I probably shouldn't have made this thread in the wee hours of the morning.

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>Second one company to share around members of the Rogue Traders
>Second one company to assist the Mechanicus Explorator fleets at all times
>Send 100 best veterans to assist the Deathwatch
>Appoint an entire company to the Adeptus Arbiters to use as heavy riot squads
>Appoint a company to the Adeptus Administratum to be Bailiffs with Extreme Prejudice. When a mercenary company refuses to pay for a Baneblade guess who they send for?
>Send a company to assist the Black Ships at all times.
>Send 3 companies to the Guard Regiments
>Keep one company at the Fortress Monastery on Hive World at all times.
>Bulk defense out with Citizens Milita, Fraternis Milita, PDF and about 3,000,000 serfs who all know soldiering.
>=][= keep threatening to go ape shit on me for owning a Fuckin' Legion of soldiers. I keep telling =][= that if they do the 100 Knights Crusading in the Deathwatch will take it upon themselves to enact proportional retribution
>Getting renown from everywhere all day, err'y day.
>=][= buttmad all day, err'y day
>Helpful Marines are victorious!

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You better watch out

You better not cry

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