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Here is the main one that got onto 1d4chan and some stuff from LewdAnon.

Genre: SoB, Lesbian

Genre: Eldar, Human, Macha, Forced, Anal, Ear Play, Bondage

Genre: Eldar, Dark Eldar, Lesbian, Rape, Tentacles, Three-Some, Body Morph, Idranel, Caerys

Genre: Space Marine, Blood Angel, Apothecary, SoB, Hospitalar, Semi-Reverse Rape

Genre: Non-Adult, Tickling Torture, Bondage

Genre: Human, Gender Swap, Body Morph, Futanari, Rape

These were all based on requests.

This was from the Macha fic, LewdAnon did it for me.

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Not in my fapfics she isn't.

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Not to mention it was a great excuse for me to draw more earplay.

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Dunno, If you ask me it's a matter of reciprocity. I mean, I don't pay for the porn I get of the net so who am I to ask something in return for my silly little input?

Besides, free fapping is happy fapping and happy fapping is the best fapping.

I mean we drawfags are nothing if not attenionwhores right?

Sorry pal, I only post on /tg/ and making a separate thread to show it all off would attract more drama and rage than even I can handle. Have some earplay though.

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