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Early Modern period city, mosquito vampires from another dimension take over a massive city and undead-ing a lot of it and PC's play as members of one of the last remaining forts/bastions trying to survive/get help/adventure and kill shit.

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>Broadly the party is aiming to stop the breach and kill the vampires that have made it in.
>The longer this goes on for, the more dead rise, the larger/more powerful the vampires get and the greater the risk that the breach widens and more of them make it into this world.
>At some point the earl becomes a completely feral monstrosity and needs to be put down. If the party has proven themselves trustworthy at that point they'd be put in something resembling leadership over the council, managing the fort/hamlet.
>A fail state for the campaign is the fort becoming overrun.

>Stick with the mosquitos, but have a wider theme of parasites/insect like parasites in general.
>Steal from nights black agents. Maybe crosses (>>77577307) don't hurt them because they're holy, but because the particular shape they make damages their fragile cross dimensional dimensional form. Maybe mirrors cause a feedback loop that becomes unbearably painful for them.
>Require the players to use vampire tools/clever play to survive. The brutal, ongoing winter makes using the sun an out and out option, but they could fend off lesser servants with crosses and mirrors. Servants that could otherwise tear them apart.
>They gradually ramp up the attacks/weirdness at night. Night encounters/assaults on the fort are incredibly dangerous.

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