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ITT: We write short reviews tabletop games as though they were videogames.

Rogue Trader is a generic cover-based shooter that will bestow ludicrous gibs on you if you leave it for as much as three seconds. Almost everything is luck-based and it's not unusual to get limbs blown off, meaning you have to drag yourself across the entire game world until you find someone who can sew on a cheap piece of metal where your arm used to be. Even buying equipment is luck based, nevermind that you're supposed to be a badass space pirate with a ship the size of a city. Not raking in a fortune? Too bad, you can't buy that gun 20% of the time despite everyone having enough firepower to level the aforementioned city. Including you. Even if you focus entirely on your durability you end up dying in 3-5 shots anyway so just buy a cheap gun and hope you kill them first.

At least the chargen gives you an interesting backstory rather than the shit Bethesda gives you.

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Gentlemen, after playing Rogue Trader for quite some time, I have noticed a distinct lack of 40k shanties. So, I ask you what kind of shanties does a Rogue Trader's crew sing?


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Since I thought that they'd need all the help they can get, and the player didn't take either of the stormtroopers native abilities.

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>1.)Skills, due to my Origin Path and Career Path I pick up Common Lore(War) twice, so does it go from a basic train skill to a Trained skill? and what to my Career Path skills start as, basic?
It starts as Trained, and each one after that gives you +10 to the skill. Get the same skill 3 times and you can start with +20 straight away.

>2.)Equipment, the book says i have a choice between a good-craftsmenship hellgun, a best-craftmenship hunting rifle, or two bolt pistols. What does it mean by hunting rifle, as i can't find any info about it in the book?
The Hunting Rifle was an item in Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader Errata changes it to Best Quality Long-las.

>Does the bolt pistols come as common-craftsmenship?

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>Clothing thread
What is your characters usual costume and equipment?

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So many Eye patches.

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Elegan/tg/entlemen I'm starting up a rogue trader campaign and would like some advice and a few questions answered

I've been told that one player MUST be the rogue trader.

I'm also wondering about allowing them multiple ships at character creation or if they should only have their starter ship.

Any advice or stories would be helpful.

TL:DR: New GM to Rogue Trader if no advice RT general

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Good evening /tg/, I come looking for fluff advice for a 40k army, but I'm new to 40k so am unsure it'll work.

I'd like to start playing 40k, and have always liked the idea of making a Rogue trader army. With the Chaos codex on the way, I'm going to try and run it as a rogue trader army, using daemon rules to represent various indentured / mercenary alien races, cultists as futuristic pirates, and and chaos space marines as... then I hit a wall. Would loyal marines even work with such a borderline heretical trader? Obviously chaos marines would, but I didn't want to have an outright evil army, just shade of grey.

tl;dr version; want to make a rogue trader + space marine army, can it be reasonably fluffed or is it just a faggot idea.

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Hey /tg/,

I'm trying to get a Rogue Trader game going, but no one I know has ever played it or has any experience. I got the rule book, and I'm reading through it, but, was wondering if you all had any advice for GMing it?

Any advice on the game in general? Any stuff I should know?

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No sense purging her when she's more valuable alive and totally enamored with me. Leave the ignorant Emperor-bothering for the common man.

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rolled 1, 2 = 3

>Working for the Inquisition

I seriously hope you guys don't do this

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Player looking to get into some Rogue Trader, i have the manual and solid experience with the 40k RPGs.

Am free on tuesdays or Sundays at just about any time (EST) and lean towards more RP intensive games.

Come on /tg/, help a fellow neckbeard out!

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Here's what I was thinking so far based on my characters past. As for the ship history and machine spirit, my GM wants to decide that himself.

Hull: Dauntless Light cruiser
Plasma Drive: Jovian Pattern 3
Warp drive: Strelov 2 warp
Void shields: Multiple void sheild array
Geller Field: Geller Field
Life Sustainer: Vitae
Crew Compartments: Voidsmen
Bridge: Command
Sensors: M-201.6
Crew Rating: Competent
Ship Point Cost: 70
Weapons-Prow: Titan Forge Weapon, Starboard & Port: Mars pattern Macrocannon Broadside
Extra components- Cargo hold and Lighter bay, Compartmentalized Cargo Hold,
Reinforced Interior Bulkheads x2, Extended Supply Vaults, Munitorium
Speed: 7
Detection: 25
Manuvering: 12
Hall Integrity: 66
Armour: 19
Space: 60/60
Power: 59/60
Crew Population: 100
Crew Moral: 101

What do you think?

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"Eldar? I just met her!"

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I fucked an Eldar on camera, once, and I have the sex tape to prove it!

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Suprisingly little of Rogue Traders which isn't in the books!

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I've been thinking about writing a rags to slightly fancier rags story of a petty criminal that manages aquire a Rogue Trader charter plus near-wrecked ship. Of course he also inherets the House debts, which are substantial and deadly. Trying to decide if he should go on a interstellar treasure hunt or seek fortune in war. Or both.

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Gonna be running my first rogue trader game soon and i have a few questions

1: Nobody in the party wants to play a navigator (i don't see why, i love them, but whatever) so i was going to give them an npc navigator who's a noncombatant and will never leave the ship. Does this seem ok? I don't want to just leave them without a literally necessary class

2: Some members of the party aren't happy with some of their starting weapons and want to know if the could trade them for weapons of equal or lesser value. F.E. the arch militant wants to trade his good quality hellgun for a good quality meltagun (both are rare availability) again i don't see a problem with it but i have to wonder if its ok to start the party with a melta weapon

3: I don't want to say that there's a munchkin in the party but there's definitely a guy who "makes the most out of a character" so to say. He still hasn't chosen a class and he has a pdf of the book: is there something ultra broken i should keep an eye out for? (keeping in mind my previous two rules)

also; tips would be appreciated. again, first time

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I'm going to be running a rogue trader game soon for a bunch of more-veteran-than-me gamers and i was wanting to see if you guys had any tips

See its my first 40k game i've ran (though ive played in a few) and i've dm'd dnd many times before and they generally enjoy my games

basically, i have a few questions i want to get out of the way immediately then i'm leaving it open to free tips if you'll provide.

1st: How tough should i make it? I know the system is fairly brutal (our first game ended with our rogue trader receiving the Vader treatment after his skin got melted off and his eyes exploded...and surviving only because of a fate point) i don't want to slaughter them but they are familiar with the system and have played about as many games as i have

2nd: how do i run the whole endeavor thing? The guys like action so it would seem weird spending two hours setting up a trade rout or filing paperwork. I don't plan on just skipping social, but i do remember many times in the game i played where my arch-militant sat in the corner looking scary while everybody else did cool social/financial stuff

3rd: One of the guys wants to play an ork...i shouldn't have to explain why (hint: ork), now i recently *ahem* acquired the book the ork class is in (thanks to some benevolen/tg/entlemen) and i've gotten a bit of a chance to look through it and it doesn't look too broken but i wanted /tg/'s opinion before i let him play it

but anyway, thats it, and if you have any other advise i would greatly appreciate it

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Hey /tg/, got a 40k question for ya.
I'm just about to start running a Rogue Trader game for some bros of mine and our Rogue Trader is from an Ecclesiarchy Shrine World. And she wants to know what exactly common fashion was on that planet.

I'm half wanting to say Planet of the Popes, and have everyone in funny hats and robes, but then I remembered you guys are awesome and would probably have some idea.

Reason she's asking, she likes to art.

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Guys! My sexy Eldar girlfriend clogged the commode with her priceless diamond feces again. What do?

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We are the pirates
that don't do anything.
We just stay at home
and lie around

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That's my bread and butter you're fucking with.

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