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A delightful evening's entertainment! A thousand thrones on the beetles.

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Sup /tg/ my GM is running a Dark Heresy game shortly and I have decided to play as a noble scum, just to try and roleplay a social character being as I haven't really done so in the past, I have always gone for just a straight up combat character, are there any mechanical implications that I should know about of being a social character, such as any of the social skills being of more importance than others, or just anything along that road.


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Used to play a noble in a Dark Heresy game. When you go to a party full of nobles who are variously scheming, insane, and/or murderous (so, any party with nobles,) it can be difficult to tell who's actually a brainless fop and who's a clever, dangerous opponent playing dumb.

So you look at their shoes. Everyone's wearing absurd, outrageous clothing and hairstyles, but you can toss off an overcoat or remove the cleverly-constructed silly parts of a fancy dress in a single action. Shoes take more time to change. So you glance at everyone's shoes and ask yourself, "If a bomb went off in this room, who would be able to run over the rubble? If assassins attacked, who would have the traction to escape over the rooftop?"

Silly hair, silly clothes, silly shoes? Silly person. Silly hair, silly clothes, fancy shoes that, on second glance, you could properly run and fight in? That person's silly clothing is holding concealed weapons from plasma grenades to poison needles, and they probably have more political and social power than they're letting on.

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Governor Fuckstick enjoys watching his plantation peasants work to death. For the Emprah. General Goofus knows that if he modernized his production methods, he could not only relieve some of the grinding poverty and malnutrition of Planet Shitdark, he could increase production significantly. However, Governor Fuckstick has a long-standing trade arrangement with Shithole IX, a penal colony that supplies him with cheap slave labor (and which happens to be under the control of Rogue Trader House Snowflake).

Rogue Trader Dimplestein comes a long, and General Goofus makes a deal with him. Dimplestein's agents eliminate Governor Fuckstick in a way that looks...less like a bolter round to the face. General Goofus takes over, and gives Trader Dimplestein a century-long monopoly on the importation of agricultural machinery and supplies. This will incidentally create an immediate population surplus which will be available for conscription into the Imperial Guard, which Gen. Goofus is rather keen on.

Of course, House Snowflake may have some input on the matter...

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Hopefully a lot.

My Rogue Trader group is starting to get into politics and i need names.

Fluffy and appropriate names for planetary governors, influential tech priests, Imperial Navy officers and fellow Rogue traders alike.

I got some myself but if anyone can come up with some extra then all the better.

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I'd imagine that they would be okay with normal evolutionary adapation as opposed to Chaos taint; but that the zealotry of your average Ecclesiarchy official means that they don't necessarily bother with proving whether a given mutation is "natural" or not.

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Here he is, I knew you couldn't hide from me!

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It's one thing if no one in the group wants to be the "leader," or if no one wants the Rogue Trader class. Even the book describes ways of handling that.

But unilaterally deciding that no one gets to be the RT is heading toward serious railroad territory. "Okay, your captain decides you're going to Latexicon IV to take over its rubber monopoly. Now we roll for warp travel..." The RT character is also a great opportunity for a player to be foppish and fantastical. Kind of sucks to take away the most colorful character class.

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I love this little fucker.

Someday he'll be a game character. Fucking 40k version of Tyrion the Pimp.

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I kind of suspect that they deliberately made the Rogue Trader the weakest character in mechanical terms, to counterbalance the fact that he (usually) owns the ship and commands everyone on it.

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>They're high-ranking as fuck, they rightfully know how to build all their tech, but I can't react quickly enough to the things he wants to build and so tend to slap it down.

It's a problem of time, especially when you're a ship's Enginseer who rightfully should spend a lot of time supervising ship maintenance. Building a walking mecha in 4 hours? You couldn't rebuild a Sentinel's transmission in 4 hours.

It shouldn't be a problem of saying no to the Explorator's projects; it should be a matter of highlighting just how goddamn slow and difficult it is to custom-build complex machinery. Doubly so since all Mechanicus knowledge is muddied up with rituals and prohibitions and such. Building a jeep or scout bike or something with a ship's resources at hand, with a month-long trip to do so? No sweat. Building a plasma rifle out of a stapler, a solar-powered calculator, and piece of drainpipe? Fuck right off.

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I believe you should totally do this.

It will make stealing your ship so much easier.

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In Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader, all skill and attack checks are made by rolling against your attributes. So if you have an Agility of 40, you need to make a percentile roll under 40 to succeed at an Agility-based check, like dodging.

An untrained skill is rolled at 1/2 your attribute--so if you don't have Dodge trained, you'd have to make it under 20. You can put two ranks into a skill as you advance: the first gives you a 10 percentile bonus on your roll, the next ups it to 20%.

Dodging (and parrying) use up your reaction for each turn. A reaction is like a reaction/swift action in D&D--it's an action you can do at any point (including on someone else's turn), but you can only do one reaction per turn.

So basically, once per turn, you can use Dodge (or Parry) to try to avoid an incoming attack. You roll against your Agility, plus assorted modifiers, and if you succeed you completely avoid that attack.

What this does really well is simulate active defense in combat. In DH/RT, you could have two highly-skilled but unarmored fighters fencing away for quite some time. One attacks, the other parries, and then vice versa, because Parry uses the same attribute roll as melee attacks (Weapon Skill). But this won't help them so much if two guys are attacking one other guy, or if someone starts shooting.

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Can we get a Dark Heresy game going on? Even just quickly creating characters, and then throwing them to some little adventure of a session or two, would do fine for starters: it'd get some people together for something and grant me some practical knowledge in a system I've been itching to try.

Anyone interested?

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This one takes a while to explain, but I promise it gets interesting. Dark Heresy. We're on Malfi (super-treacherous and decadent hive world) attending the investiture of their local space-pope. We've poked around, and suspect Daemons afoot! Thousands of people are here in the space-Vatican, attending the ceremony, and this being Malfi, they're all guilty of something. We initially suspected a certain priest, spied on him, overheard him getting murdered by a higher member of the conspiracy for incompetence. We didn't get there in time to catch the guy, but he chopped off and took the priest's left hand. We're thinking maybe there's a palm-lock somewhere, so we chop off the right one and bag it.

Now we've got a suspect; because we think we recognize the voice of the other conspirator. The question is whether he rolls with daemons. The problem is that his cover so far has been that he's an idiotic old fop, constantly stoned out of his gourd one one exotic substance or another. I just want to get our minor psyker close enough to him and his crew to scan for daemonic activity. But they've all shut themselves up in his quarters for the nightly drug orgy.

So I change uniforms, take our psyker, and knock on his door. A servant answers. I explain that we are the special delivery for his Lordship. Which special delivery, he wants to know. I explain that the last time his Lordship was in his cups, he made a bet, and we are here to see that he follows through.

We are escorted to the orgy, where the skinny old lord wishes to be reminded what bet, exactly, he made.

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40k nobility by someone who understands what 40k is fundamentally about.

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He does make lovely art, you weren't to know.

We could have a 40K art dump. I'm a bit low on 40K art at the moment, though.

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So you're this young Eldar, just a few hundred years old. You're very special, because everyone keeps telling you that. But you've had it with the regimentation of the Craftworld, and how you can't just get into a relationship without it being some kind of 500-year-long ritual. Fuck the Paths, you want to have experiences. You've had the schooling, you're not an idiot who doesn't understand what's going on in the galaxy -- you want to get out there and do something. And all the ass you're going to get is just a perk.

So you strike out into the galaxy as a part of a corsair band. You then spend you're time shooting first and asking questions later because it's too dangerous not to, and you learn pop artists' renditions of humans back on the Craftworld are, shall we say, *optimistic*, pic related.

Then you realized any tiny chance of picking up ass was in the Paths to begin with, and the galaxy sucks. U mad.

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Hey, /tg/. I've asked this question yesterday and I'm gonna do it again.

Fucking headtubes. How do they work?

A lot of art shows non-Mechanicus character sporting those bad boy. They do look look but there must be some in-setting explanation, right?

My first guess was MIU, but it doesn't seem to work this way. What is your take on this, guys?

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