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This is how I fighter.

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This is how I ranger.

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Kid wonders if his parents ever gave him a proper name.

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Funnily enough taken from sup/tg/, from a FS/N thread. I also recall someone statting him up as a ranger in an older thread that also made Finn a barbarian and Link a bard.

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Well, since we were statting up Video game characters last thread:

The Kid
Alignment: Neutral Good
Strength: B
Endurance: EX
Agility: D
Mana: E
Luck: A

Skill: Survivor (B)

The Kid is able to survive even the most hellish of conditions, and he never gives up.

Skill: Weapon Mastery (A)

The Kid is capable of wielding all types of weapons, and is proficient with them on an almost instinctual level.

Skill: Crafting (C)

The Kid, given the correct materials, is a able to improve and repair most items.

Noble Phantasm: Setting Sail - The Bastion (Personal, B)

The Kid Summons the Bastion, a floating mobile base housing his weapons, smith, and distillery. All weapons and alcohol taken from the Bastion count as Rank E Noble Phantasms.

Noble Phantasm - Coming Home (Personal, EX)

The Kid will never leave a friend behind. This ability activates when someone close to the Kid is injured. If the Kid reaches them and places them upon his back, intending to retreat, then he will gain the ability to ignore all damage until that person is safe and the danger has past.

Noble Phantasm - The Restoration (E)

When all seems lost The Kid can activate the Bastions restoration function and rewind time to the moment the the Grail War began, hoping for a better outcome.

Not sure if I did this all right.

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Kid sits down at the local waterin' hole. He's lookin' fer a drink.

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