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What did your characters do this week /tg/? My half orc wizard buffed up my party and managed to decapitate a hill giant with the help of a lucky ass roll.

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Ok so im new to the game and i am playing a Alchemist Grenadier can someone just take me through the setup and the combat for the grenadier

>start day and prepare the days elixirs
>Prepare the bombs and the catalyst(what materials are needed for the bombs? do you just make it or do you need the equipment for it?)
>Depending on your int and bonus(i got a 19 int and a 4 bonus) you can make 2 or 3 More elixirs from what you have already.

Are the bombs effected by the int? am i able to make bonus bombs.

>Once in combat i use the bombs i have made and drink the elixirs to make the bombs more effective.
>Depending on my alchemist level (5) every odd number of it gives me a 1d6 so making the attack 3d6s per attack on a direct hit
>splatter attack does the lowest amount which would be 6 damage?

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>Brother Gregory Fallfields

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"Knowledge is it's own reward."

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What about the glorious orc?

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What about this guy? He's hardly a Blizz-orc nor Tolkien's kind.

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I have a question about doing a rogue well. It's only my second time playing, first time was with a cleric. This time I rolled up a half-orc rogue. I've got a bit of light backstory, pretty standard fare

>son of a whore, taken in by a criminal outfit while young, groomed into the role of muscle/enforcer
>brutish, dirty tactics, dull, but with a degree of low cunning
>despite his harsh methods, he is charismatic and quick to befriend those who have shown themselves kind/trustworthy etc.

Things are going pretty well so far, but I feel like I could do more toward making the character more insteresting, for both the DM and my fellow PCs. Any thoughts?

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Slimmed down version of that

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i just really like half orcs

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Half-Orc Ranger that uses a composite longbow and sometimes a sword. outfit like in pic related, wrongly exiled from hometown, master died, nothing too crazy. I just suck at half-orc names specifically

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Still your tongue short man. I have done nothing to you or your kin.

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Fucking Grimnaw. Took him with me through the entirety of NWN as my monk bro. Then he tries to kill me in hell...

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I'm debating if massive stonework traps are in order, and if so, are they automatically resetting, expended and now in the way, or somewhere inbetween.

Maybe a halway got blown through to allow a group past a trapped hallway...hmmmm

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