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Who cares about Basher? I want the Snotling-taking-a-dump star player.

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WTF? Don't they know about /tg/ memes?
Tell them a bunch of anonymous retarded autistic losers who spend 90% of their day jerking off to anime girls don't like D&D. That should convince them to branch out.

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Lore - autistic tie-in novels and obsessive fanfics
Fluff - background info and snippets of stories/quotes, usually found in rulebooks, all you actually need to know about your dudes

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You can always use abstract weight and whatnot to have the gameplay of managing inventory with reduced book keeping. Knowing how to simplify rules and when to abstract things is pretty vital if you want a more grounded game to be actually playable. You don't need to simulate physics to get the "feel" of simulation.

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On the other side of things...

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necrons not being good/decent in combat since when was this a thing? also remember when warriors were marines but with a slower initiative, and lastly what are or were Lychguards/Praetorians/Pariahs.

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>this fun and action packed
I've always been interested in this game but one of my friends would love it. Shit, my whole group might like it.

If only I could get ahold of some of the miniatures...
Sure is nice that Citadel used the same name for one of their figure lines...

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>Havn’t done DH in fucking forever, online games always fell apart. Been wanting to do some DH for FUCKING EVER
>I bite the pillow, because this was going to fucking go in.

>It’s Homebrew as fuck, but somehow makes sense, for combat they would use there favorite models to move around terrain they set up, everyone had there own little character that the Wolf Faggot made for them, Wolf Faggot offered to let me use one.

>I Decline. But part of me will always want to get a closer look at those goddamned models. (He took fur from fur coats and stuff like that and sit it on his more ornate miniatures how the fuck he did that I’ll never know.

>Non-combat part of campaign would be normal DH style (Normal is speculative here, I was sitting at a table with several people in animal costumes after all.)

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Is the perfect example of post-apocalyptic fantasy in the second half of the game, you semen double nigger. Did you even fucking play it?

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Obviously you've never been to the orgy dome.

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We aren't sure if he's actually retarded. We actually try to account for this when we play with him because, throughout all of this wacky shit, we are still playtesting a game that Teemo is creating. We've offered to help him and have given him numerous specific suggestions, down to actually writing out some of the rules or citing other books and showing them to him. We aren't outright dicks to him or anything. He then ignores us or further breaks the game every session.

For instance, our next session is a repeat of the first one, which I wasn't present for.
>Professor of the workshop class joins us after we tell her about the first two sessions
>We build the same characters
>Legacy War now has an introductory paragraph
>"It was the 1987 when the Mysterious Guy appeared and warned of the war to end all worlds." was the first sentence.
>The Mysterious Guy kidnaps a random kid and disappears.
>All instances of the word "Toughness" have been replaced with "Tightness"
>The description for "Tightness" is "What your character can take."

>We go out and look for flowers for the Kage's date
>Suddenly, wolves.
>Ryoma picks up a wolf to use as a weapon
>Teemo has no idea what he means, assumes he's throwing the wolf
>We have to explain in intricate detail that he's swinging the wolf like a club
>It does damage equal to its strength
>Ryoma searches a live wolf and finds Fur and Teeth
>The wolf died upon being searched, exploding in to teeth and fur.
>We gather the flowers for the first time and complete the quest.

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Jesus Christ how horrifying.

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>First Sad Hall of Joy

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come on, don't die on me

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Any line that involves the spell mind rape.

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this is how i random encounter

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does this help?

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Guys, I need info/docs on Paranoia. I can't seem to find the original rulebook anywhere.
I know the basic stuff, like I have my entire character sheet and shit like that, but it seems like it was swept under the rug and forgotten.
So please help me?

Pic unrelated (maybe)

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This is how I Critical San Loss

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>Because every reason will boil down to "I like lolis".



Why does it NEED to be a "mature" woman?

We're talking about fictional characters in what is presumably a fantastic setting. Is a character that channels Ender's Game or Avatar really so offensive? What pain does their character choice inflict on you?

Expending effort to shit on someone else's fun because it makes you uncomfortable is fundamentally childish.

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