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>those fucking underpants

Oh god please tell me these are real ahahaha. What genius in marketing thought that was a good idea?

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Oh right, I forgot to include the Total War: Warhammer trailer in there. It has me so hyped. I love love love Medieval 1 and Medieval 2, Rome 1 was okay, and I haven't played any others. I hear bad things about.... everything past Medieval 2. But maybe this will be different! I loved Mark of Chaos, and I've played the hell out of Warhammer mods for Mount and Blade, Total War, etc.

And yes I'm butthurt about the Deathwing trailer. Not because of the music, I think that's fitting. I hate that the blade's inscription is in Low Gothic.

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>Firmly planted in WWI-era Europe
>What are Elysians, Steel Legion, Catachan Jungle Fighters, Tallarn Desert Raiders, Tanith 1st and Only, any fucking armored regiment out there, et fucking cetera

Anon pls...

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