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He's new and he already knows his shit.

I like this guy already.

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I am the guy, and yeah, pretty much. Even the die hard guys who stuck out 6th and early 7th, saying the company could do no wrong, who bought Imperial Knights and Riptides by the truck load... Even they have given up.

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And now to shit on other people:
Literally the same as World Eaters and Blood Angels. Sharks are not cool, they're fat and dopey.
Why are red scorpions in muted Space Wolves colours?
Not a bad scheme though.
Piss-yellow erases any sympathy for them.
Ok, these guys are pimpin' and I'd paint my guys like them if I knew about them before I started.
Nothing to say about this one. It's like above, but not as pimpin'.
That just looks like someone gave up halfway through.
One white pauldron, soo new and original! It doesn't even look good.

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>tfw I have 16 points already

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These cups were gifted to us by various chapters and other people throughout the galaxy, they are sacred relics now kept in our Vaults

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Isn't that obvious? Your turn.

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get a load of this guy

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>talk of replacing the emprah
i smell heresy

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gifts, gifts everywhere

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Bumping with frustrated rage, for the Emperor

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Mudryx fell back a step, his senses overwhelmed by the terrible aura of rage seeping from this new arrival. This was no power of the Blood God Khorne, this was the rawest expression of Imperial dogma refined into pure hatred and fuelled by the Carrion King's pitiful Astronomican. Knowing not to underestimate any Astartes, Mudryx levelled his sword and charged, his marines forming behind him, racking and shouldering bolters or revving chainswords. More of the yellow-armored Imperial Astartes crawled out of the blast crater their pod had dug.

The enemy finally spurred into action. Mudryx swung his sword low, trying to tear an arm off below his guard. The marine, moving with impossible speed, caught his hand in a humming powerfist and instantly smashed it apart into scraps of electrified ceramite, metal, flesh and bone. Mudryx bellowed a shout of rage, but not less than a third of a second later the marine, grasping the stub of the Archon's severed limb, thrust his helmet forward and pulped the Chaos warrior's skull in a single motion. His assault pack bursting into life, the Angry Marine charged into the dozen Black Legion traitors now faltering.

"I'M GOING TO RIP OUT YOUR FUCKING SPINE AND MAKE A GODDAMN KEBAB OUT OF YOU WITH IT!" he howled, throwing the first punch. The stench of ozone rippled through the space as his power-fist ploughed into a Khornate Berzerker. The traitor was flung a hundred meters back, his chest crumpled into a messy, gory pulp. Pumping his hands like a pugilist, the Angry Marine tore deeper into the Chaos lines.

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This pleases me to no end good sir. I know a lot of people pretend to "herp derp try before buy, lol piracy" but if it isn't a bag of shit i'll actually buy it. No way can I justify spending that much money on a single rulebook without having a good read of it first.

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rolled 45 = 45

Hey, let me borrow some of those powers...

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Oh, that old thing? Yeah that's been gathering dust in the librarium for awhile. ALso got something called Gorechild, here, but no one's bothered to take it for a spin.

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>using cheats

Y'all are small time.

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Welcome, brother. Try not to shit it up.

[nospoilerson/tg/] >implying /tg/ isn't already shit. [butIloveyouallanyway]

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Chaos? Taking 𝑜𝑢𝑟 mugs? Nonsense.

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Why do space marines need a last name?

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From a simplistic standpoint, there are a lot of similarities between the Imperium and a fascist government, and the whole Manifest destiny of the human race and and the inferiority of all Xenos and Mutants sounds an awful lot like Aryan supremacy stuff to me. I can understand why that would attract the Neo-Gnat crowd. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't catch on that humanity isn't neccesarily the good guys though...

Anyway, I sleep now. Thanks for the pics, Norweigan Dude. Hope things shake out okay.

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