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They're pretty neat.

And now for my giant's butt to be put on display.

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Wait a minute... I remember that movie!


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Ach, now I see it... Yeah.
Wish I hadn't seen it.

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This is something I can get behind.
I can pop down the shop for one too~.

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God I want some chocolate.

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>The Meduanese phrase "Atash vaeni?" can be used as a casual greeting, a mild insult or as an informal request for sexual intercourse. A direct translation of these words is impossible, as they do not make any sense in Meduanese either; their entire meaning being a purely social construct.

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probably more tourney represented.

My general actual experience with more casual encounters has been that everyone owns trolls, but no one plays them. Those butthurt with their faction always shift to skorne for some reason.

I have never seen people go Skorne as the first faction ever for reasons I cannot comprehend, unless they are really japan/persianphile. I use those terms because skinny weaboos tend to go Retribution.

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Sorry didn't realize penises could get that small.

sorry for making assumptions

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Shut up and eat your damn chocolate, Mustard!

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This is how I eat chocolate.

I am not a clever man.

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Aye, that be true.

Also OP, GET EXPERIENCE! Most jobs these days want people with previous experience.

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I think the artist is named "and". Eh's a pretty cool guy, he draws hot and dosent afraid of anything.

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>Is he going into battle, or not? If he is, then he should be wearing armor. The only people who fight unarmored are peasants, conscripts, and other disposables.

Pretty much this!

>It's spelled out in the fluff that a Cleric isn't just a priest, he's a militant one, his job is to go around and enforce the will of his god. It makes sense(to me) that he would learn to use weapons and armor to better fight his god's enemies. A Paladin isn't a champion of a god, he's a champion of Good, who often happens to worship a god.

And this!

Always played my clerics in that way. I mean, even if I have Spells and Divine Protection, I don't want to insult my chosen deity by just relying on his/her divine power. If I were a deity I would be pretty much pissed if my clerics are all like "Hurrr, dunnae need armors, my armor is my faith only, my weapunz is my magics, lets go fight nekkid!"
I mean.. if you have some divine being that lends you its power to do miracles and shit, wouldn't it be better not irk it by calling on his/her power just to wipe your ass?

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Hexagonal bathroom tile as terrain base. That's fuckin brilliant!

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An alternate to the Colossal Bastard Sword is the Colossal Rapier. With Power Critical and Improved Critical, you have a 15-20 crit range, with a +4 to the roll to confirm the critical. This essentially cancels out the size penalties of the weapon, and deals the same damage as the Colossal Bastard Sword for a third of the weight, (getting a 15 to hit is going to be a massive pain in the first place). Of course, this combo requires a BAB of +8, so it's not for the low level game.

Also, reach weapons, especially the whip dagger and the Chain Whip, they both double the bonus range received with each size increase up from Medium. Either of these weapons is good for tripping and disarming at range. Remember, Trip is a Touch attack, you might be even better off with your -4 to hit when working to screw over your opponent than you would be against their armor and shield bonuses. Also, Feint attempts and Flanking bonuses can be gotten through a whip, at quite a wide threat range, considering that a Colossal Whip has a range of 165 ft. A Colossal Chain Whip has up to an 85 ft range, for comparison.

Now consider a Chain Whip is a Monk Weapon. You can Flurry of Blows at any target of your choice within an 85 ft radius with it, tactically giving your entire party flanking bonuses against their opponents.

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/tg/, I'm new to GMing (only two games done before this one) and I've run across a problem I need some help with.

How exactly would be a good way to handle one of my players making an extremely boring character? He literally does nothing interesting, and does not play off any of the characters shortcomings to give me ideas to work with.

It's really annoying because the rest of the players are being interesting, and I can't help but feel like they're outshining him at every opportunity. I want to do something to make sure this guy's having fun, but...

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How should I negotiate with my players so that none of them roll a wizard/sorcerer?
it just makes planning campaign and dungeons easier when I don't have a player in the party who can fix it all with just one spell.

PS. I want to stick to 3.5 because I know lot of people in my group have some splat books with classes they want to use so 4th edition would not work.

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