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Ship combat is fun, but complex, and needs one houserule: you can't combine macrobatteries into a salvo unless they are mounted on the same ship location. For example, you can't salvo your prow macrocannons with your port macrocannons, but if you've got a huge ship with two port weapon mounts, you can salvo the port weapons together.

If you don't houserule salvos, it becomes too easy to stack BS and BS boosters and destroy big ol' cruisers in a single attack.

Anyway, clever maneuvering is very, very important in ship combat. You can defeat a much better-armed foe if you manage to keep your distance, scoot around behind him, and shoot his ass from outside his firing arcs. As in age-of-sail ship battles, if you find yourself eating a full broadside, it means you fucked up.

Basic weapon loadout is macrobattery and lance. You fire the macrobattery first to take down the void shields (and do some damage if you're lucky,) then the lance to shoot holes through their vitals. Don't destroy a ship if you can zap life support, laugh while they suffocate, and claim it as a prize!

I'm a big fan of fighters and bombers (and torpedoes, though they get expensive) but that's advanced shit you might not want to deal with.

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I've convinced my Rogue Trader players to board a space hulk and I need some suggestions for how to make them regret their foolhardiness.

The party, consisting of a Rogue Trader, a Seneschal, a Voidmistress, a Navigator and a Dark Heresy Ascension-level Psyker, boarded the hulk alone and are presently separated from their boarding craft. They've made their way to what they've surmised is the primary lift shaft of the principle vessel with an eye towards making it to the bridge. Conditions are semi-airless and they're all wearing armored voidsuits (AV3) and equipped, principally, with lasguns; the Rogue Trader is rocking a lascutter.

There are signs of armed struggle throughout the vessel with lasburns scoring the walls, floors and ceilings of the main passages through which they've traveled so far. They haven't been able to discern a clear pattern to the blast marks, leading them to believe that the crew was firing at targets all around them, throughout the ship. They did not find any bodies in any of the main passages.

The Seneschal, who has a number of ranked up lores relating to legend and antiquity, has dated the vessel to approximately M33, placing it in the Imperium's heyday following the Scourging and they're all lusting after the sweet, sweet archaeotech that it may contain.

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The sirens are a derelict fleet that's been taken over by an A.I. It broadcasts distress calls to lure more ships into its floating graveyard empire.

As for the cyclopi... don't be afraid to actually make something up. You're not restricted to only using story elements that have their own army lists. The 40k universe is huge and weird, and Rogue Trader is the game that lets you explore the weirdness. Make a unique alien race. Maybe something with a centaur body plan, four stocky legs, two big arms, one huge eye up on top, big mouth down in its chest, covered with elephant-like hide.

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Hey /tg/, I could use some of your creative juices.

My playing group is getting excited for this dark heresy game I will be starting in a few weeks, and so am I. I would like some input on the ideas I have so far, and future sessions ideas.

Around 900 years ago a massive space hulk vanished after sailing through a warp storm. A few weeks ago the hulk re-emerged from the warp. The players are one of many acolyte groups that Inquisitor Barnabus has called to board and retake the ship for the Imperium.

The acolytes would be sent to different parts of the ship for their missions, which could range from "meet up with this other team to take care of this troublesome warp beast", "the dataslate that held the information on the cargo in deck 42-B was last seen in the hands of a mad psyker" to "I heard there was a fine vintage in the officers dining halls, fetch it for me."

Different areas of the ship have been influenced is a variety of ways, on some areas of the ship only a few weeks have passed, while in others it's been hundreds of years. The ship has cities of it's own, a working economy, etc.

I see it as a sort of "The City of Rapture meets the Event Horizon."

Thoughts on the setting? Any interesting adventures or tidbits you can think of?

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I want to run a game with my PCs exploring a space hulk. It will probably be low-level RT or DH, so not too incredi-fatal for the players, although there's no reason there couldn't be a a genestealer lurking, etc.

What sort of things should I put in there for atmosphere, and non-standard encounters? So far I have stuff like chronos going backwards, messages from themselves in the future over the vox, unstable bits of wreckage that might collapse, etc.

TL;DR Have space hulk, what do I put in it?

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I am too anon.

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Nurlge is a tricky one.
On the one hand, you have to desperately cling to life, out of your fear of death that drove you to Nurgle in the first place.
On the other you have to surround yourself with the dead and dying, taking pleasure from their decay because in your eyes, most of the causes for their deaths are gifts from old grand father.

Getting a job in a hospice would be a good place to start.

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In all seriousness: Rogue Trader ship-to-ship combat. I bought a bunch of Battlefleet Gothic minis just to encourage my GM to do more ship stuff, so that I could be Horatio Hornblower IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!

Had some fun with it, but the rest of the group didn't enjoy it as much. They didn't really understand the rules, they didn't really want to understand, they liked hitting and shooting things. I want everyone to have fun, but come on guys, make an effort.

When I managed to hulk a well-armed highly-maneuverable raider, taking no damage, in my scrapped-out skeleton-crewed ore-hauler armed only with 4 torpedoes (not 4 torpedo tubes, 4 torpedoes TOTAL,) I was expecting some congratulations. They didn't even understand enough to realize that what I had done was hard.

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OP here,
and last but not least

thank you to all the anons who posted in this thread

you made my day

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Item one
>Beige 3/4 top in fleece with the last quarter of the sleeves in beige nylon. chinese collar in beige nylon

item two
>Dark green puffy top with short sleeves and drag string(?) midriff. Some weird pocket in the middle of the chest and some bright orabge details.

item three
>black jacket with zipper and high collar. from elbows to cuff there are clip on tubes of black fluffy material. It gives the thing a slight bearlike look.

LArp will take place on the bridge of the ship with computers and several custom programmes to stear the ship, sensors, torpedoes etc. The players will communicate through military radioes with our minions on/off ship and most of the intrigue will take place on this bridge. Much of the stuff is appropriated props from a recent BSG LARP.

sadly no

this is the testrun so no links yet
if it goes well it will be a larger and public LARP as I understand it

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We control a Chapter has 641 brothers and our treasury is worth 189 millions of Imperial Thrones. Our Chapter fleet is composed of 4 ships and we own one planet.
Last thread we entered abandoned space Hulk known as the 'Dark Sister' and our psychic senses warned us that our old enemy, sorcerer Ashkenor the Wrathbringer, is onboard. We pray that this time we will bring Retribution upon him for his crimes against the innocents of Prothera and numerous other Imperial worlds.
Dossier: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Ashkenor_the_Wrathbringer

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This one is mine.
You are quite sure that your communications have not been intercepted.
Void Squad is doing great, but it will take more time for them to perfect their marksmanship

+Dark Sister is about to appear in 23 days+(if you want to go there, you should say so in next three posts)

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bumping with some gothic ships

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Yes, torpedoes are guided but only weakly; obviously, to have Macross-esque missile behaviour would go against the thematics, and 40k is driven by thematics.

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>In ship histories THIS VERY INCIDENCE IS COVERED. They'll get a -10 to all Social tests with the Imperium while that ship is in their fleet.

Not in any of the books I've looked at. The closest is "Turbulent Past," which basically means your ship is famous to some factions and infamous to others--like it was the flagship of a notorious pirate, or was used on an extermination mission, or whatever.

It doesn't even come close to covering "blasphemous living conglomeration of chaos-infused technology."

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As you prepare for the mission, Brethorius enters your cell and frowns at you:
>It seems we won't be exploring Dark Sister any time soon. We've sent a probe out and it's not there, it must be in the warp. Navigator Synius tried to calculate when it would reappear, so we should wait for about 14 months... Is that what we want to do?

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