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>those nice retro orcs from Crooked Dice are £50+p&p for a unit of 9

Wut da zog

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im permabanned poster humiestomper58. i first started playing orks when i was about 12. by 14 i got really obsessed with the concept of WAAAGH and tried to channel it constantly, until my thought process got really bizarre and i would repeat things like “DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA” and “ORKS ORKS ORKS ORKS ORKS” in my head for hours, and i would get really paranoid, start seeing things in the corners of my eyes etc, basically prodromal schizophrenia. im now on antipsychotics. i always wondered what the kind of “orky” style of humor was all about; i think it’s the unconscious leaking in to the conscious, what jungian theory considered to be the cause of schizophrenic and schizotypal syptoms. i would advise all people who play orks to be careful because that likely means you have a predisposition to a mental illness. peace.

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This isn't D&D

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>Orcs aren't magical

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>Space Marine unarmed combat is just dudes getting Oberyn Martell'd all day.


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>How many is enough?
One unit of thirty boys is pretty great, because it gives a Ld buff to all other ork units nearby (at least until the next FAQ hits or you play against someone who disagrees with this reading of the rule). They are also a good payload for a weirdboy with Da Jump to teleport close to the enemy lines.

Beyond that, I'd consider boyz to be pretty much a tax unit though. Kommandos get free burnas and a nob per five models instead of per ten, which is worth their extra cost even before considering that they don't need a weirdboy to appear close to the enemy. Nobz are almost as tough as boyz point-for-point and more lethal plus are actually worth buying a transport for. Stormboyz are only a couple of points more than boyz and easily outpace trukks.

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>reroll lootaz dakka
Why the fuck didn't I think of this

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>'Ere We Go
Mad Dok Grotsnik uses the madboy rules, a complex series of charts full of strange behaviour
>2nd edition ork codex
He still uses the madboy rules, but they are now just one relatively simple chart mostly based on the existing psychology rules. He may not join a unit, even one of madboyz.
>3rd edition ork codex
He is now immune to psychology but must move towards the nearest enemy whenever possible, granting the same rule to any unit he is with.
>4th edition ork codex
Basically the same as 3rd edition.
>7th edition ork codex
He has the fearless and rampage rules and may not leave a unit.
>8th edition index xenos
If there are no friendly models around, he will try and charge the nearest enemy.

Is it just me, or is Mad Dok Grotsnik getting saner and more social over time? It used to be he wouldn't hang around with other orks, then he wouldn't leave them and persuaded them to act a bit mad too, now he's actually calmed down when he has some friends nearby. The rules governing his behaviour have steadily become simpler and more advantageous. By tenth edition he'll probably be a calming influence on any orks around and allow you to enter into diplomatic negotiations instead of fighting.

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>proving that power levels are broken by taking units which have virtually no options and who's power level closely matches their points cost

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>Dey's call dere shootas "boltas"

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>he gets killed by a Deathmark.
Is he OK?

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>da meks gob wen da rolla jams afta da sixf 'umie gets krumped unda da rolla

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>putting model in de-greaser will completely eradicate boltgun metal, but leave all other colors untouched

anyone know why?

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zog me, it's bootiful

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