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Something in your mind suddenly initializes, and you press yourself against the nearest crowd to conceal yourself from Bob's vision as she checks her surroundings. Your mechadendrites carefully guide a suitable patron toward your xenos prey as you walk slightly behind the strangely compliant drunkard. As your subject stalks her own prey, you carefully observe every detail of her movements; studying her inhuman grace as you search for a weakness or opening. A hand grabs your ass, though you ignore your cover's manipulation of your flesh in favor of taking in every detail of your target. Her arms parting a path before her with a strangely forceful yet passive touch, mostly hidden beneath her long, loose sleeves. The way her feet step lightly and transfer her weight with little sound despite the metallic grating. Her fingers wrapped around the small shock handle as she closes upon her target. Suddenly Bob freezes, crouching low to conceal her height in the flashing lights and crowd. By the Omnissiah, you can't help but note how her robe has suddenly clung to certain areas of the xeno.

Omnissiah give you strength, for your body betrays your excitement.

>take her out? (bonus due to Nat 1)
>continue stalking?

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Yes, a very serious lack of SFW chaos images.

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