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I am waiting so hard for an anime adaptation of The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san set up all of the elements needed for a multi-episode adaptation of TDQoUK.

The Dreamlands.

Gods absent from Kadath.

A protagonist being chased by Nyarlathotep.

A protagonist able to withstand repeated exposure to Lovecraft's horrors.

The monsters of the Dreamlands, such as Nightgaunts, having been previously witnessed by the protag; he's got some Dream Lore.

A few mentions and some scenes of the protag's vivid dreams.

Just... just take him to the fucking Dreamlands and set him on a quest for the Gods, tell him that finding the Gods will mean Nyarlathotep has to go home or whatever.

It would still end with Nyarlathotep tricking the protag into hurtling into the Outer Dark, like, "well if you really want to get rid of me so badly you can just find the gods right over there in the sunset city, just ride the shantak but don't listen to the music," and Randolf Carter being a dumbass he listens to the music anyways just like Nyarly knew he would, and Nyarly chases after him as he falls into the Outer Dark but Nodens trips Nyarly up with the Nightgaunts or whatever, almost exactly like in TDQ, but this time Nyarly successfully fights through the 'gaunts and goes all "well, eternity together at last... unless you wake up" and then he wakes up in keeping with Lovecraft's anticlimaxes.

But no. There's just no love for TDQ.

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