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Not that guy but I'm also looking for In Her Majesty's Name. Google has turned up nothing substantial so far.

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I assume that the GURPS Cyberpunk book is pretty out of date now, since it's 25 years old and 3rd edition. What books would I use to run that setting now? Ultra-Tech seems to have all the gear, but where would I find rules for the sort of cinematic hacking type stuff?

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...In what setting(s)?

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Where the hell is this? Is there a Gun Heaven book I don't have yet?

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>Well a kind Drawfriend in the Smut Thread made me another Tentacle Girl, but she wasn't really a Daemon and visible nips make it not NSFW...

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Where can I find more of these? And is there porn of them?

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Do you remember anything else about this? I need to know because reasons.

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I want more breasts to be popular, not just globes. All (read: most) breasts are beautiful and we need more diversity. Not just the same crap.

Look at this they're all the same breasts despite massive differences between each Tau in height and weight distribution >>29833159

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>Toughest fight i have ever thrown them was a goblin rogue, gnoll ranger and hobgoblin cleric adventuring trio trying to get to a dragons horde before they did.
This is wonderful. Reminds me of Tucker's Kolbolds.

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That's actually a question I'd be interested in hearing opinions on.

And if there was no magic in it, all the better.

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Mind posting the poison one?

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I'm gonna need a source on this right now oh please oh please

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So I'm having a brain fart when it comes to what I should be adding to my homebrew setting idea for my recent adoption of a group of players. So far what I've come up with is that a little over one hundred years ago a great cosmic event has rendered the surface world uninhabitable. The survivors of this apocalypse fled to the Underdark where life is harsh and short. I figure after one hundred years folks have somewhat adapted to life in the dark. I also figure resources like water would likely be worth more than gold. What kind of political events do you guys think would come from such a drastic situation like this?

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>Halfling Bard Puppeteer Lich

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>in the style of the old Command and Conquer stuff.

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I notice you're speaking in the present tense. I require a link at once.

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... Source? Pretty please?

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Time to roll up Bowser

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Even a game of..pretend?

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>everblight takes over massive quantities of gobbers.

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