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Now lets get back to the God Emperor damned Grim Dark before we hit post limit.

By order of the Inquisition

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>Anyone here likes Newmunda over the original?
Not I. Partly because my primary gang had about half its equipment removed from the list to be replaced with toxin shit, partly because my secondaries are both non-existent now, and partly the way GW decided to make ol' chainsaw-bonce (who was the best Goliath leader, fite me) illegal now. Also the tactics cards are fucking stupid.

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You think there's a chance we might get some sort of Imperial aligned rabble faction, like Redemption Cults or the like?

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Redemption Cults when?

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>You have to admit it is the most faithful way to play the setting though.

This is not regular kind of retarded, this is some advanced level retardation right here. Since y'know, when the setting has been around for three editions and a couple of years and then moves on for another four editions, the third edition is -obviously- the most faithful edition. Totally not a retarded idea.

>A war game may not be the best source for an rpg.
Then why are you here? Attention? Trolling? Autism? Or do you get off on telling people they're having badwrongfun?

>3rd edition is what you mean.
Also had A LOT of wacky shit. It was just presented differently. Kruellagh the Vile, anyone? Or Old One Eye the Carnifex? Or Harlequins? Space Orks? THE REDEEMER?

Warhammer 40'000 has ALWAYS been fucking wacky, stop kidding yourselves. It just presents its wackiness with varying degrees of subtlety, irony and self-awareness depending on editions.

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I just want redemption cultists to be a thing to go with sisters.

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No, it's...

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>Sorry Nixon
Know what happened?
We had a GOOD, calm conversation with Zero and C.C in private, discussing future events before Zero was to receive a shipment of Burai's and the Gurren Mk II, so we're at Episode 10. We warned him about sherlys dad, general barly's scientists, and Mao.
Now, a smart man might think that those scientists are going to be the one's saddled with experimenting on us, since they made Agent Orange over there in the aftermath of the battle, and i think are connected to the Order. In that event? GOOD, we're saved for sure, since we told Zero about those guys, and the pizza guy (who was a spy, and rigged the Gurren to blow to make us cooperate) doesnt know Zero's plans for Narita Mt. However, this is Unlikely.

OR, since we 'rolled a nat 1' we're going to be turned into a mad murder cyborassassin. Really have to consider taking some things outside of rolls sometimes.

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This is how I Inquisition.

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It means to capture her will mean going through me

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I wouldn't mind if a Redeemer-esque character is running around.

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Eviscerators don't actually have powerfields. Fantasy Flight Gamed made that up themselves based on the fact that Eviscerators in Warhammer 40k game work like chainfists, which is due to the fact that they were first given rules in White Dwarf and thus didn't have more complex rules than that.

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god dammit i hate you so much i wish i could just hate you to death you ugly piece of shit your mother should have punched herself in the cunt the second you were convieved god damn i cant even begin to understand why you are allowed to live shit i will shove your fingernails up your own urethra, do you understand me? you better kiss your sweaty, wrinkled, ballsack goodbye and tell your hand you love her, because when i get done with you you're going to look like the inside of a diseased cyst

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>bad artist
I'm going to kick your ass faggot. You think you're tough? lets see how tough you are with a couple rounds from my .45 lodged in your skull. Kinda hard to talk shit when I've blown half your face off. You better watch yourself faggots, I work for the fucking CIA, if I want you dead, you are dead. Its that fucking simple. Watch your god damned fucking mouth. I have over 30 years military training, I would rip your spine out while raping your fucking mother up her dried up old skanky cunt. I would then proceed to bundle up what remains of your body and shove my 12 inch cock down your throat and skull fuck you till my cum oozes from every hole in your body. Watch your fucking back. I'm coming for you.

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The fuck did you say about Wayne Reynolds?

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>Alarm to wake up goes off.
>Been up 3 hours...

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It's quite alright. Just remember, this fellow, surprisingly enough, doesn't play well with others.

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How do you feel about playing a character with a different position of faith, /tg/?

I am agnostic, tending toward atheism. Some of my best, most enjoyable characters have been those with strong faith. Not necessarily the fire and brimstone kind (pic related), though those are fun too. I enjoy playing up to strong convictions and principles, both as means of confidence in a character's cause and self and the rationalisations that are sometimes necessary to preserve integrity of the faith. In real life, I embrace the principle that nothing is 100% certain, always questioning things like a good, little free-thinker, but it's nice to sink into a role with the kind of steel-clad certainties about the universe that the truly faithful (seem to) have.

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Some figures to help, and his weapons
>Plasma pistol
>Head pyre functions as a flamethrower
>and a flaming skull he uses as a flail.

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>six fingers

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