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i really love the attention to detail. along with that sandwich

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>Didn't /tg/ start to contain Warhammer Wednesdays?
Yes it did.

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>What is your vision for 1d4chan, other than just a cool project for you to hone your web administrator skills on?
To be honest, I don't really have any sort of vision for the future for 1d4chan. It's doing what I set out to do with it - being a wiki for /tg/, that is. I've got no desire to diversify or expand beyond that except where I can make the place more convenient and easy to use, and all I'd like to see is even more people taking advantage of the site.

For a bit of history: I was around back when our board here was first created, although I didn't immediately come to it (strictly I was a 4channer for a long time before that, but that's not really relevant). At around there time there existed wikichan, before it turned into the Well Cultured Anonymous, and it was heavily used by the early browsers of /tg/ to record their stories and whatnot. I was actually an admin on wikichan, which should tell you something about how poorly it was run. When wikichan died and ceased to wiki, /tg/ went a while without anywhere to put their things - but I figured hey, I'm best friends with a professional sysadmin and I have spare money, how hard could it be to run a site?

That was almost five years ago. It's been a wonderful adventure since then, one where I have learned to shun apache and venerate the glorious nginx, how to administrate ubuntu servers, how to bugger up firewalling rules and lock myself out of my own server, etc.

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>What you mean you "Usta be a brotha'?" How a nigga stop bein' a brotha? You go the full MJ?

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No, desu was never funny. I much preferred Afroduck.

That said, it's been some time, but people still make these same fucking jokes. It's like the game. Remember the game? Thug aim? Whatever. It was stupid, and people finally realized it was after it had reached a certain level of saturation.

Then everyone stopped, because we were all fucking tired of hearing it (and being compelled to perpetuate it).

It's the same with all the HERESY shit. Yes, everything is heresy. You don't have to point it out, because we know. At this rate, you could probably go to an anime convention and hear people screaming HERETIC, just like they were screaming YOU JUST LOST THE GAME.

Maybe you 40k guys could think of something a little bit more original? Maybe you could start spamming "paint it red lol" or "not enuf choppy" or something instead of "heretic."

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A /b/lack knight.

Pool's closed.

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These guys.

That's pretty much it.

It's from warhammer wednesdays on /b/.

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Did she ever post porn? She came close and in her early days she did post about her Tyranid fetish, but I think it technically stayed SFW.

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Warhammer riddle time.

I kill, I burn, and I maim but my bloodlust will never tame. Who am I?

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They're the reason moot created /tg/, for fuck's sake.

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I knew I would find a thread here about it.

I thought it was kind of clever.

Crossovers can be fun sometimes, pic related.

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My memories of /tg/'s early days largely revolve around the sound of a thousand hands fapping. They were dark times.

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The Ultramarines have the Death Oath where a disgraced brother may go on a borderline suicide mission to atone for sins.

The Imperial Fists have the Warriors Pilgrimage for much the same reason.

Most chapters are children of the Umtrasmurfs and the Fists. So most chapters will have traditions.

Is it possible that there is a small warband, still loyal to the Emperor, that recruits only those who are in exile?

They aren't running away, they have been thrown out. They have kept their oaths of loyalty, their brothers have broken theirs.

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This fucker here.

He keeps closing the pools.

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Angels of Darkness
Lord of the Night
Faith and Fire
Pawns of Chaos
Storm of Iron
Brothers of the Snake
Iron Hands
Daemon Warld
William King - Deathwing
Eldar Prophecy
Desert Raiders
Iron Hands
Assault of Black Reach
Space Hulk
Double Eagle
Eye of Terror
Fire Warrior

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I take my /b/ros.

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What do you want? This board was spawned off a /b/ user base.

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Hey, /tg/. I randomly created a dark heresy character (here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/dhadvanced.html) to see what I'd get from the fates.

Apparently I have a large mole (check), a scum mother (check), a scum sister (check), a dad in the guard (check), and a tech-priest brother who died (sad-check).


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