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You mean the SECRET AGENT who, in his latest adventure, saved an entire nation from... DOUBLED WATER RATES? When in real life, the inspiring incident involved TRIPLED water rates?

Hold me.

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>You're not gonna see this die down 'til the government promises better conditions for those under 25.

Just like in France, where pissed-off youths with no jobs entertain themselves by firebombing anything with more then three wheels.

Or Greece, my ethnic homeland, where they were rioting over a government completely incapable of managing a fucking forest fire response, much less internal finances. Or Spain. Or the EU, which now expects 20% of the German economy (which lives mostly on export sales to the US) to bail out all of Europe.

Europe is going down in flames, and yet many of my countrymen are still unable to get the fucking hint.

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>If you were to travel to the local Primary Node, however, you would cut the distance to just under 4000 LY. Doing so would, of course, have you pass through the local Secondary Node.

Fuck that. Make three hops with our own jumpdrive. Use the intervening month to finish translation efforts with the natives and start some basic interrogation. Considering what we know now, they're a literal intel goldmine we'll be happy to have under our belt BEFORE we blunder into any more civs.

Or we could GAIJIN SMASH through the Secondary node civ, but those guys are probably more competent. The prisoners could shed light on that.

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I want to believe I'm being trolled, but in actual survival situations there are always a few chucklefucks just like you two. The kind of man who would use his last shot-charge to shoot a fleeing Guardsman in the back instead of the Orks bearing down on him.

But I'm sure executing a man who's suffering a total mental breakdown will inspire the loyalty and confidence of our other officers, many of whom are under the exact same stressors.

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>mfw there isn't a single good green planeswalker

Magic annoyances thread?

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You.. ignored everything I've said on the subject, haven't you.

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>warp storm lol
>my face

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that's not a proper aristocrats joke.

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>says high sci-fi
>describes it as involving believable tech
>actually denotes hard sci-fi more than anything
>therefore, implying that Halo is Hard sci-fi
>my face

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