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“You’re a man who isn’t afraid of a little pain, I see,” he says, arching an eyebrow as you take a sip. It burns a little on the tongue, but goes down smooth. Goddamn, you think to yourself, this barely deserves to be called whiskey. You feel like it deserves a more polite name, or at least a Mister in front of it. Mister Whiskey.

“No use in watering down the good stuff when I can get it,” you say.

“Absolutely right,” Jonathan says. “Same as I tell the gents here for chessboxing. We used to invite fighters from down the docks - a man of your talents surely knows the lot,” he says, glancing at your bloody fist. “A bit of the asiatic fighting arts here, a bit of yoga trickery there, none of it compares to good old fashioned english fisticuffs. Gutter trash, the lot of them.”

You think about the men he’s talking about. A sailor who made his way here from Japan with uncanny powers and fists that hit like rocks and the American who learned his art. The spiritual master who fought to send money home to his village. Hell, even that Siamese giant. A bizarre lot, but there was a respect there, a camaraderie. Here…

“Thanks for the drink,” you say, tossing the rest back in one throw. “I’m going to mingle a little bit before we get started, if you don’t mind.”

You turn to the room. Well-dressed men were moving tables and chairs out of the way, one or two were pulling the better artwork off of the walls. You’d have to approach one of them to get out of talking to Kent, though….

>An old gentleman leafing through a book of chess problems and refusing to look up. He might have some pointers for surviving the chess part of the match.
>Another young man, this one with a smashed nose. Maybe he’s participated before and might have some pointers about the boxing part.
>Find one of the servants. They may give you a more honest perspective than the members.

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Noon 4chan time tomorrow.

Hope you like husbandos.


>Trap her arm, submit her.

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Screw it, hijacking to rant. Summer's here, but where's Street Fighting Man? It's been a month. Did I miss a memo? The twitter is silent...

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A hypothetical for you - say you have a quest that's not updated for quite awhile because of Reasons. You don't know when you're ever going to have time to run it again - not in its original timeslot so the original players can get involved, at least. People seemed to like it, though, and you don't want the thing to completely die just because of you. Has any quest in the past ever managed to survive being handed off to a new QM?

...or to be blunt, anyone else interested in running Street Fighter Quest? I'm not going to have a chance to run it again for a few months.

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Sorry, afraid not.

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Aw, but I like you.

Seriously, you made me reconsider why I tried doing the followups as spinoffs instead of their own thing. Partially it was because the universes were easy to interconnect and I like continuity tangles, partially because I was afraid of just losing audience and partially because I just had trouble letting the setting go. In that way making the next few quests in that setting was a way of trying to hang on to the magic of something we all made that I thought was kind of special, even if that sounds kind of silly to say about what amounts to interactive fanfiction. During a kind of weird time in my life we played a silly game together and had a lot of fun.

Still, it's time to try out some new stuff and not just keep revisiting the old setting. I was originally going to do a Jojo Quest but there seem to be a few of those either running or planned. In any case, whatever I do next is only going to intersect with the SFQ universe in the form of a continuity nod of Capcom vs SNK 3 covering those events.

tl;dr yeah you're probably right.


How about a Grail War where everyone summons fighting game characters? Eh, eh?

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Hey, a general. Figure I can mention this now.

Street Fighter Quest has missed a few weeks due to a family member being hospitalized (first few weeks) and then finals (this and next week.) Once those are done I'll be back to discover that the entire fanbase has forgotten it and moved on with their lives like the handsome geniuses they are.

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>previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Street%20Fighter
>twitter for updates: @sfmquest

>Previously on Street Fighting Ops: Lindsay Douglas, rookie agent of AEGIS, has discovered the existence of the mysterious organization Water Margin, along with hints that AEGIS may not be what it appears. Recalled to active duty after her first operation went south, she returns to AEGIS headquarters in the heart of Metro City.

You punch in your floor on the elevator, holding your thumb in place an extra few seconds for the biometric scan to confirm your identity. You know that on the way up more biometric data will be measured and you'll have to give a password on about the fifteen floor. It's a lot of security. You can also walk up the stairs and just walk right in, but that's like thirty floors of stairs, so nobody's ever bothered trying it.

Eventually you arrive at your destination - AEGIS, the stupidly pointlessly hyper-classified agency you work for. For a moment you're torn on what to do. You should check in with Diana and see what the new assignment is. But Wu mentioned meeting K once, and insinuated he was up to some seriously shady shit...

>Ignore it. See what your boss wants.
>Find K, ask him about it.

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>previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Street%20Fighter
>twitter: @sfmquest
>currently eating: ham sandwich

"The entire operation was a fuckup," your handler says, slamming a report on her desk. You stand before her desk, feeling for all the world like a high schooler being scolded by the principal. Her office even kind of reminds you of a principal's office, come to think of it.

"I was told to go in and get whatever intel I could. I did," you say. "I didn't have floor plans, targets, security..."

"And all you came away with was a story about some other agent who knew your name - your real name - and a few papers that they were trying to hide from you. We've gone over them with a fine tooth comb, you know what we've found?"

"Secret plans?" you say, hopeful.

"Bracket analysis for the upcoming World Warrior Tournament. It's only really useful if we want to dominate the office's Fantasy Fighter League."

"...do we have one of those?" you ask. "I won the pool in my Interpol branch two years in a row, I'd really like to..."

"And again, I can't stress this enough, she knew your name. How?"

"She said that she saw K calling for me and read the name..."

"You know K, right?" she says, barking out a bitter laugh. She slides an iPhone in some sort of weird case with a spring-loaded knife in it across the table. "Here's his phone. Take a look at the contacts." You pull the contact list up. A long series of random numbers and letters. "You're somewhere in the 2500B range. That paranoid assigns everybody a random code for exactly this kind of situation."

"So if she knew who I was..."

"Then there's a leak at AEGIS. Someone leaking information they shouldn't even have access to," she says. "And you gave up our best chance to beat the answers out of someone."

>Tell her you weren't sure you could bring her in. Seemed dangerous.
>Tell her you got the impression you and this Snake fighter were on the same side.
>Say nothing we don't have to

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Your name is Adam, but for awhile you went by Anon. When you won a street fight you became a World Warrior for awhile, battling your way to the finals before losing to a huge German named Erich. You made some friends, might have met a girl, took more punches to the face in those few month than you had in the rest of your life combined.

That was then, though. Another life. On quiet nights you think of that time as a cocoon. The caterpiller that was your directionless and ambitionless life went in, and out came...something new, you suppose. A new life.

That's all besides the point, you think to yourself as you shake yourself awake. This Helsinki cab is so warm you almost fell asleep. After overtipping the driver (you don't really understand the currency) you step out and brace yourself to knock on the door of a charming little house.

Somewhere in that charming little house is a life-or-death struggle to the bitter end. More accurately, the Scandinavian World Warrior title waits for you.

>Roll 1d100. Who's our Finnish Champion?

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That username is already taken.



That's half of why I started SFQ. That and to practice writing in general. You should start it, it'll probably be rad.

In any case, I managed to settle for @sfmquest for now. So follow that to get announcements about new installments of Street Fighter Quest.

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You are Lindsay Douglas, a secret agent for the peacekeeping organization of AEGIS. Or maybe the spy organization AEGIS? All anyone knows is that it's tasked with taking care of weird martial arts shit and it's so highly classified even its own employees barely know anything about it. Also nobody's sure if the code names are legit or if the agents just made them up themselves.

Case in point, Unstoppable Flamingo, a giant of a man in glittering rhinestone clothing. He's spreading out a blueprint on a conference table. You assume that usually the digs are nicer, but this mission is apparently going to be run out of office space leased from a dentist who's gone out of town on vacation. Your handler (and everyone else's, apparently), a red-haired woman with an aristocratic air, scans the documents, purses her lips in thought. The third man of the team hangs back in the shadows, trying not to look operator as hell but still looking operator as hell.

"According to this information the entire fortieth floor of Masters Tower has been leased by dummy corporations owned by one true organization. We don't know their goals or even their name, but there's a pattern here that's come to our attention a few times. We need to check it out." She turns to you. "As CQC expert you're best qualified to handle things if they go wrong in a civilian building - especially one with tight security to get in - but it's your call. How do you want to infiltrate?"

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>previous threads here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Street%20Fighter

You are Lindsay Douglas, the newest member of a secretive UN agency known as AEGIS, tasked with keeping the world safe from weird martial arts shit (your words, not theirs.)

Today you find yourself waiting in line for the metal detector in a Metro City skyscraper, mildly annoyed. Part of why you joined an international peacekeeping organization was the chance to see the world, instead they keep sending you back to your hometown. Lame.

You step forward as the line moves. Three floors of the building have been completely sealed off to public access. Nobody knows exactly why, but a shitload of shady money is flowing into and out of these floors.

Another shufling step forward. The teammates you've met from AEGIS have all been specialists in some field or another. Unstoppable Flamingo is on an adjacent rooftop with a sniper rifle looking for other sniper teams. Some raspy Operator-looking guy is trying to work his way in from an 'alternate entrance,' whatever that means. They all thought walking right in was a sucker's move - you'd be unarmed and alone, surrounded by god knows how many hostiles. As the CQC expert of the team you volunteered to be the one to walk in the front door. You made an appointment with a law office on the 50th floor as an excuse to enter and decided to just wing it from there.

"Please step forward, miss," a security guard says. You step through the metal detector confidently and smile appreciatively as he waves you through, secure in the fact you have no weapons.

That's ridiculous, of course. Your entire body is your weapon.

>Try elevators - see what happens when you press one of the forbidden floors.
>Play it a bit more subtle. Start at a lower floor and see if you can work your way up.
>Nakatomi Plaza this thing. Straight into the air ducts.

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You are The Agent, formerly of the Air Force, formerly of Interpol, now the newest field agent of AEGIS, a UN taskforce to secret you don't even know if AEGIS is an acronym or not.

Today you find yourself buried under a pile of hiring forms. You were vetted extensively, given half a dozen background checks, subjected to cross examination and lie detector tests all to wind up filling out forms of things they already knew in the breakroom of their headquarters. It seriously feels like you just got a job making pizza or something.

"Name, Lindsay Douglas," you mutter as you write. "Date of birth, address, previous work experience...is this a hazing thing or what?" you ask yourself.

"That part of the form is just a formality," an unfamiliar voice says. "The real trick are the forty pages of release forms. Make sure we don't go make a TV movie out of our adventures or something later, you know?"

>roll 1d100 and give me a character for our coworker

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>previous threads here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Street%20Fighter

In an overpriced coffeeshop in a Metro City neighborhood that keeps trying to get hip but never will, you sip at the drink of the day (a Gentleman's Special, advertised with a chalkoard drawing of a cup of coffee with silat sticks trying to look tough) and think over your orders.

A year ago you began the torturously complicated application process to become an agent of AEGIS, a UN agency so secret you didn't even find out the name until the fifth background check came back clean. You're not sure if the letters stand for anything or if they just thought it would sound cool. You hope they'll actually tell you when they hire you.

If they hire you, that is. That's the issue for today. There's a man sitting alone in the coffeeshop with a USB drive you're supposed to recover for your final field test. Your handler didn't tell you if this was a real mission or if the man was a plant, only that your orders were to get the drive and not kill the man. After following him for hours you didn't spot any other tails, any support, nothing to suggest he isn't alone and just reading a battered paperback edition of Lord of Light.

>Wait awhile longer, follow him when he leaves.
>Approach him now and try to strike up a conversation.
>Throw your chair at him.

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As discussed last week, the next story in the increasingly ridiculous SFQ universe is going to concern the special agent side of the world.

Also discussed at the time was how most of the most fun elements of the original run of SFQ were the parts that were rolled up by the community. Instead of coming up with a main character myself and running with it I'm going with our initial thread being devoted entirely to character creation.

The rules: Various attributes and pieces of backstory are going to be put up. Some will be something you can vote on, some will be something you can make a suggestion and a random roll for. You can vote on anything in the thread at any time as long as the thread is active, doesn't matter if it's midnight and everyone else has long disappeared. Nothing will be completely finalized until the thread 404s.

I'm going to be around for a bit as well, so if there's a vocal outcry of someone having a great idea that got a terrible roll or an unworkable idea getting a natural 100 and the rest of everyone hates it we can DM fiat it. Also some things are vulnerable to DM fiat because of being unworkable, but I'll try to make whatever you guys suggest work.

First up: The Agent.

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>previous threads here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Street%20Fighter

It took years of scheming, double dealing and the occasional murder. You've seen blood on the pavement more times than you can count, ordered more men dead than you can remember on the rare nights you grow a conscience, caused more suffering to this city than a thousand men on the street combined.

You are the boss. Metro City is yours.

Was yours, at least. The phone in your penthouse has been ringing off the hook all night. First some young punk roughs up your sister's kid while he's trying to pull a holdup. No big deal, you put a hit out on him for a grand. Next thing he's joined forces with other weirdos, started taking down important businesses. You haven't been able to get back to sleep without another phone call coming to tell you he's hit something else.

You give up on sleep and head to your closet to put on your finest suit. You have a feeling it's going to be that kind of night.

>Before you were the boss of the Psycho Cogs, what were you? Roll 1d100.

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>previous threads here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Street%20Fighter

You are Joe, a young man forced into a war against the collective gangs of Metro City in 1987. Stopping for a rest and a bite to eat, you and your companions quickly found yourselves overwhelmed by a slightly stronger breed of thug. You were cut a few times subduing a man dual-wielding pizza cutters, Saul had his arm dislocated by some German nunchuck guy, Tatsuya caught a punk to the chin and checked out. Out of the three of you you're the only one winning your fight, with a corrupt pizzeria owner locked in a submission hold.

To your right a man in cardboard armor with a rusty sawblade for a sword is coming your way. In the street outside a fat German is muttering something as he advances on your German.

What will you do?

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In the grim darkness of 1987 you are Joe, a young man who pissed off the wrong gang. With the help of your allies Saul (a wannabe-knight wielding a pipe as a longsword) and Tatsuya (a bloodthirsty martial artist) you've been launching a counterattack on your pursuers. Your leads have pointed you to The Lost City of Atlantis, some sort of awful nightclub/skate park/arcade mashup in the heart of downtown.

You've been walking towards it for what feels like a week now.

"Lawful good, obviously," Saul says to Tatsuya. They've been trailing behind you and talking about Dungeons and Dragons for awhile now. After comparing characters, favorite villains and so on they've hit the inevitable point of figuring out how to stat your current party.

"Really? What's lawful about beating on guys with a pipe?" Tatsuya asks. "You're neutral good at best."

"Fine," Saul says. "How about you, Joe? What class do you figure you are?"

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Just a quick update on my absence - due to meditating under waterfalls and punching trees to harden my fists on a haunted mountain (read: I got stuck with some midshifts at work because someone else got sick) I missed the last two days of threads and probably won't be able to make one today. SFQ: Streets of Fighting will be back next week though! More punching! More sambo! more 80s!

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>Recap: In the year 1987, as the first World Warrior Tournaent begins, a young street fighter named Joe saves a woman from a gang and finds that they put a price on his head. On the run he finds help from a wannabe-knight vigilante named Saul and a bloodthirsty martial artist named Tatsuya. They battled a few dozen Psycho Cogs, found Saul's car burned by a gang of anime nerds called the Waifus and finally made it to the metro, where they saved a guy from a gang who mistook him for Joe.

As the train pulls out of the station you pull off the bandana. It was a cool look and a decent idea to make the gangs look for it, but you don't feel the need to draw any more heat than necessary.

The subway is bizarrely deserted for this hour of the night. The three of you and your unfortunate doppelganger are the only three on the train.

"So are you three another gang or what?" he asks.

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You are Joe, a street fighter in the classical sense of the term. Targeted by the most dangerous gang in a dangerous city, you try to look inconspicuous as you leave the back alley location of your last brawl. As inconspicuous as you can traveling with a man in an orange gi and a man in homemade knight armor wielding a pipe like a sword, at least.

"So why are you guys coming along again?" you ask your companions.

"For might!" Tatsuya says, brandishing a fist.

"For right!" Saul says, holding up his pipe.

"That...that doesn't quite sound right," you say.

>need a miniboss. roll 1d100 and present a picture/short idea for one.

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>In the grim darkness of 1987, there are only street fights.

On a warm summer's evening you find yourself watching the new World Warrior tournament in a lousy dive bar on the wrong side of a town that's all wrong sides. You down one cheap beer after another as you watch the spectacle, but the entire thing leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Too colorful. Too many silly rules. For a fighting competition that advertises 'real street fighting' you didn't see anyone pulling a knife to steal his opponent's last dollar, nobody having his friends hold you in place while he beats you bloody.

You leave the stifling heat and noise of the bar behind and step into the night. For a second you breathe deep, invigorated by the cold and the quiet. The streets are full of the usual mix of loitering punks and pedestrians walking quickly and trying to ignore them. Standing out from the crowd - you almost think she doesn't belong in this run-down town at all - a pretty young waitress coming off of a late shift catches your eye. You give her a wave, she gives you an exhausted smile before disappearing down a side street.

As she crosses out of sight a trio of punks detach themselves from a bus stop and follow her. You've got a bad feeling about this.

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