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>Throwing a lot of dice at once.

Which is something roll20 is really good at.


Shows all rolls that hit 4 or greater as success. Done.

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Agree. When all Spehs Mareehns became ubermensch Chuck Norris knock-offs, it marked a decline.

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Is that a yes?

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It took me some time to think of what to say for that
Do i go with just howling banshees?
Or should i have said seers?
I settled on Exarchs since it'd include banshees, warp spider milfs, ect. All in all i was very happy with how it all turned out.

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Shame it seems the threat of Actual Gameplay scared away the rest of the guys that just wanted cyber. Well, shame for them. Shame on them.
Fun for me.

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>playing DH
>be a battle sister
>in the big final fight of the campaign at this chapel on a hive world
>in round 3 or so take 3 levels of fatigue and enough toughness damage to knock me out for the battle
>the Guardsmen, the adept, and some tag-on NPC fight off the BBEG and his minions
>the psyker is off doing something in the building
>the team of three manage to kill off everyone
> Arbites swoop in and tell everyone to get patched up
>their leader shoots the NPC, "Civilian witnesses are unnecessary."
>the guardsmen and the adept pull their guns on him
>he says its okay, you will be okay
>guardsmen point blank shoots their Arbite leader in the head
>he falls over but doesn't die
>guardsmen finishes him
>the Marshal yells at the two for being enemies of the Imperium
>guardsmen tries to pull the "we Inquisition" card
>Marshal will not have any of this shit
>the 40 riot police move to surround the party of two but they manage to hide in the building the shoot out was at
>they are now trying to figure out how to get away from the 40 riot police
>have just been lying around on the ground unaware of this whole time

RP Stories thread or DH thread

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Because fuck you I want to play a Rakdos Guild Mage or a Innestrad Zombie.

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Good points. I retract my earlier suggestion that we lead the offensive. I think the guardsman bravado has clouded my judgement.

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Define real, Battle Brother.

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Oh god. Why am I mentally still six years old.

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>if this thread is alive in 5 hours, I will come and post the rules breakdown I wrote to get my players into the game in the first place

You will have my undying adulation.

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Uh, Duh. You obviously should.

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Huh HAH! Step back Smurfette, you got the last one.
Adeptus Johnnyus will handle this smooth demon moma

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>lonely, self-loathing rat girl with no self esteem desperately trying to prove to herself she is worthy in the eyes of the Emperor

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Oh, and just to clarify, I want to run this relatively straight, at least until the players figure it out own their own. I won't be giving any overt hints. After they figure it out, it can be firmly tongue in cheek.

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Hey /tg/, so I had this idea...

Chaos Grey Knights...

what if, since GK like to use daemon weapons, they've gotten so attached to the daemons in the weapons after killing so many heretics, and what not, that they start to go fanatically crazy for the imperium; starting to believe that the emperor and the chaos gods are one!

so pious is their belief that they are immune to chaos, their love to kill enemies of the imperium, and so keen on observing the destructive power of daemon weapons; they start to use more and more daemons, going crazier and crazier...

what do you think /tg/?

any ideas???

pic related because heresy

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>I agree to help out the Tau with their Ork problem, but only because they let me get a look at what the Orks are using to raid the colony world and the Orks have something I need.
>With the Tau PDF on my ship and their small fleet as backup The Furious Endeavour makes for the Ork Moonbase of Lotsa Teef
>The Fruious Endeavour enters realspace on the edge of the system and she's forced to fend off attacks from Orkish fighters for a week before the Tau Fleet arrives
>With their aid we're able to press into the system proper
>Sadly the Tau didn't tell me the whole truth, they don't know where Lotsa Teef is, just that it's in this system.
>There's an asteroid belt and two gas giants so we're forced to raid dozens of Orkish space stations that are all over the place for supplies and to keep the Foghta Bombas off our backs
>It takes us a month but we finally find the base and the Ork Warboss sends out a contingent to face us, bastard has a Universe Mass Conveyor and he's using it as a Carrier

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I demand more Commissar Bravo

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Mah nigga.

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I need your help /tg/.
My friend has too little time of his and has asked me to help with some item creating for a seemingly omnipotent traveling merchant. By that i mean that he can be anywhere at anytime and his trenchcoat is a massive bag of holding. i just need some ideas.

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