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The Megaracnids were animalistic nightmares. They weren't surprised they were attacked, they were more weirded out by the funky signals.

How are the chaos gods different from the ones in our world? Other than actually existing.

Im mostly just being antagonistic about the whole religion thing but it really wasn't that bad. Big E didn't like religion because of the negative actions people performed in the name of their imaginary friend. While he did remove as much religious material as he could, he never targeted the people to my knowledge. There was a great little HH story, The Last Church on Terra, I think. Check it out, its pretty good.

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>Opinion on Empire army
>Response about Eldars getting wiped by other 40k factions
I'm confused.

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Say what?!
How? When?
It was still there in 7ed Empire book.
And I don't recall seeing anything like that in 8ed Rulebook.

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I still cannot see how "more important" equals "better".
At least Empire players can field their Emperor on the battlefield.

By the way, why do you keep comparing poor old Franz with being melted from 20,000 neolitic shamans?
Take Sigmar, at least he is also worshiped as a god...

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Love the Emperor
for He is the salvation of mankind
Obey His words
for He will lead you into the light of the future
Heed his wisdom
for He will protect you from evil
Whisper his prayers with devotion,
for they will salve your soul
Honour His servants,
for they speak in His voice
Tremble before His majesty,
for we all walk in His immortal shadow

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Yo Prince of Pleasure, can I come too?
I think this whole "being chaotic" and shit is cool

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This thread is approved for Imperial viewing by the local Ecclesiarchy prelate.

Fight on for the True Faith, saints!

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