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It didn't flop anon, GW canned it because of copyright.

GW has a history of bullying smaller companies in court over their IP, and it bit them in the ass twice. They tried to sue an author for a book called 'Spots The Space Marine', claiming the owned the copyright for 'space marine' (they didn't, they took the name from Starship Troopers), then tried to sue Chapterhouse for making models of units that didn't exist (court ruled you can't copyright something that can't exist).

So GW started cracking down on making sure everything in their IP was under copyright. Space marines (not copyrightable) were renamed Adeptus Astartes (copyrightable). Guardsmen (not copyrightable) were renamed Astra Militarum (copyrightable).

Fantasy however was a kitchen sink fantasy setting. Because it was inspired by classic fantasy it couldn't be copyrighted- anyone for instance could make viking-inspired dwarves. As there was no way to copyright the entire setting they instead nuked it and replaced it with AoS, which was designed by copyright lawyers.

Tomb Kings were nuked because you can't copyright ancient Egyptian aesthetics. Bretonnia was nuked because you can't copyright medieval knights. Everything with a generic name was renamed so that it can be protected by copyright- so instead of the (uncopyrightable) 'dwarven engineer', you instead have a 'duradin endrinmaster'.

Notably, the one Fantasy race that didn't suffer renaming and redesigning were the Skaven, which were an original IP and thus under copyright anyway.

So nothing to do with Fantasy's sales, entirely because GW are a bunch of greedy bastards obsessed with copyrighting their IP to an extreme degree so that they can win court cases.

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I would change up the Lizardmen's relative isolation. They would have temple cities across the world, hidden deep underground in pockets of hollow earth; with primeval jungles lit by crystal suns that never set. There would be rare and hidden paths, some which only open occasionally, that lead to it. Allowing for expeditions to or fro. Lizards checking the surface and wrecking stuff according to their pocket's record of the Great Plan. Treasure seekers working their way into the lost worlds. A pocket where the Slann and skinks died off and only the feral Saurus remain. A lone Carnosaur finding its way to the surface and wandering around a fog strewn swamp in the Empire. Basically a broader avenue for "my dudes" to fight other dudes.

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So if the Lizards end game is simply nuking the whole planet how has it taken this long for them to manage to come up with a way to do it?

I know at the end of the day it's just so the game can have it's weird storyline of all the factions trying to do a big ritual for some reason or another but is wiping the planet really the best they could come up with for lizards?

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Not quite so badarse but the old Saurus always seemed fairly dangerous to me too.

A lot of Komodo Dragon in their design.

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Writing out a tournament pack for a WHFB tournament at my FLGS. Need some suitably awesome art for the title page. Anyone got anything suitable?

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Why? I am not the one trying to tell other people what they think. No need to be a passive aggressive arse because I won't roll over and let you tell me what I said. I also never said that playing a set army was dickish behaviour in and of itself and clarified this before.

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Thanks, he's great and that led me to a better version of that pic. I still think it looks 6th edish. His art appeared on several core unit boxes around that time. Which crashed a lot with the previous style (both of miniatures and art).

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