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So, any other suggestions / requests? If anything, i'l be bumping with random, maybe semi-related pics.

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Lord of Madness introduces the Tsochari - colonial organisms that invade your body and can either live symbiotically and indefinitely inside your flesh or just kill you and use your body as a temporary host body before it decays. They can also steal and use any arcane magic you may have access to if they kill you.

They are another of my favorite races for antagonists because they have the ability to subvert your own people and also have access to magical abilities, making them a threat to every character - perhaps especially to full casters.

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What no one but the monks themselves know is that as disfuged and ugly as they are....they are immortals. They are a sect of elan, maintaining eternal vigilance over their charges, watchign the society for outbreaks of madness and influence by hidden forces or psychic enemies - or worse, aberrations from beyond the stars, bodysnatching monstrosities that hide within human flesh to cultivate the human masses against the Peacock King and his lands.

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