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Buh, it was, um...just a moderator I think.

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bunnehears ftw, and I don't even play nomads.

I'd like to know as well if it's wrong that I want to use the daktaris as palbots for my aleph?

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Bunnygirl moderator is also cute, but yeah the catgirl takes the cake. Other then them, most other females there are decent enough.

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I play panO and Aleph, he basically deploys those repeaters and smiles,and now I have to take 8" wide detour with my HI or tags.

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bumpan before going.

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Muyibs aplenty, lasiqs, a ragik or fiday depending on taste. Maybe a daylami infiltrator just to make the enemy lose time shooting it.

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Yep. He's great for killign weaker but crucial models, like Hackers or docs or engineers. Superjump, Climb Plus means he can get anywhere and fast, E/mitter is nice addition if you can take a potshot at a TAG or HI, and DA CCW means he can fight a bit against things weaker than HI. Superior infiltration also means you can deploy him right in front of the enemy's dep-zone with no fear of scattter (if you know you have 1st turn to avoid beign killed first).

Here's the bunnyears.

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As I said, most units in the game are pretty self-explainatory. CA is elite force, based around specialized units, so you'll have less guys who'll need more precise usage than some armies. They are (esp. with the new units from the supplement) rather good when you learn how to use them though.

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Nomads are the space gypsies, mercenaries, mafia, and so on, who got three big space stations, added engines, and now travel the Sphere selling their services as mercenaries, hackers, owners of secure databanks (nomad ships are the only place where the human AI, ALEPH, does not have acces). There are three main ships- Tunguska, the seat of political power of the Nomad Nation(their diplomats forced O-12, the "new UN" to recognize the nomads as a sovereign state), ruled by the romanian and russian mafia, provider of best hackers and secure databases in the sphere. Corregidor, former space-prison, whose citizens were refugees, mercs and other "scum of earth", now specializing in EVA work and providing best mercenaries in the sphere. and Bakunin, the ship that is nothing but insane. Every dissenting person, every anarchist, hippie, ultra-right nutjob, scorned fashion designer or crazy scientis have gathered there, because they're free to pursue their own agenda as long as they do not harm others in the process. The more normal acitivites include the best shopping mall in the universe, with every avantgarde fashion designer, parfumist, designer-drug creator, tatooist and body-modder found there. Wanna add bunny ears and vagina dentata? Go there. That stupid bitch from next door will never criticise your dress after you've bought it from the Beubutiqe.

There's also the praxis, where the REAL crazies and radicals live, where you go for illegal combat drugs, super-soldier bodymods, weapons breaching every convention ever signed, and so on. They're the ones that managed to get dolphins uplifted enough to have them steer Nomad shuttles and figher craft since they have better 3D awareness than humans.

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What, your bro's one of the reverend moiras? Oh well, at least he's not one of those crazy maso Sineater support gunners of theirs.(as much as I'd like to, I'm not joking, it's a ultra-hardline feminist sect worshipping the Holy Mary, and the men in the sect are all repentant and shit, and provide support fire to the more active female warriors of the group).

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Engs are always, i say always, useful if you have HI, especially as expensive as Sorogat. One well-aimed ADHL or EM, and you've got a fucking garden gnome instead of a model, so I'd consider it a bonus, esp. with one of the slave drones attached so he doesn't have to attend the HI's personally.

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