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Ive come to enjoy the silly arguments, too bad theyre all we have left. Are we better than /x/ still.

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Well, you self-bumped. That's a minor breach of etiquette, although forgivable as long as there's a reasonable amount of time or posts between self bumps.
You bumped yourself immediately after yourself, a mere 19 minutes later.

Your post was also asking for a handout. Also frowned upon, but also forgivable.

You responded to the first reply, which was some constructive advice, with offensive language because you didn't receive what you had asked from him, then made it a demand. At this point nobody is likely to give you anything.

Then upon being told your infraction of the unwritten laws of "how to get free shit from people" would be unlikely to get positive attention, and how instead you can (with great ease) obtain the materials for yourself, you responded with a bitchfit.

So yeah. You really need to lurk more or come back with a higher CHA score.

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In Sisters tactics threads I've seen, everyone has mentioned that and it's usually stated as something someone who doesn't play Sisters put up there.

Apparently, you cram as many Bolter Sisters as you can into it to shoot, then put Exorcists behind it to blow the fuck out of everything.

Pic related, as what they describe the strategy to be.

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Not mine.

Full Lothern Seaguard, plus some PGs as an archmage bunker, and Swordmasters standing directly behind the PGs ready to swing out as a hammer if anything comes for them.
Pic related. Fuck cannons, I'm not beating them one way or the other.

Guess I'm going to have to modify that list now.

Speaking of, hoping for more lore. I'd really like a reason for Phoenix Guard to be present in every single High Elf force regardless of purpose, because let's face it. They are.
>Off to colonize Albion!
>Caradryan and the Phoenix Guard come

>Off to fuck with the Woof Elves!
>Caradryan and the Phoenix Guard come

>Off to help the Dwarfs wipe out the Empire for some reason!
>Caradryan and the Phoenix Guard come

Considering lore-wise they should only show up to defend Asuryan and sometimes the rest of the pantheon's holy sites, be there when Finubar dies, or fight Daemons they seem to get their prophesies as fucked up as the Slann do.

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Space Skaven, Space Wood Elves being a separate race from Eldar, Space Ogre Kingdoms (not Ogryn, an actual faction), Space Vampire Counts (separate from Necrons who are far more Tomb King).

In short: another non-Imperium group who's a direct translation of a fantasy race.

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The Imperium.
All of it. Sisters, GK, BT, Guardsmen, SMs, SWs, BAs.

We replace it with The Empirium as a united (read: one army, lots of options) faction as it should be.

Space skaven (heretical to talk about) and Fungus Eldar.

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The Wood Elves, who were some of the inhabitants of those High Elf ruins who refused to return to Ulthuan and instead fled into the magical forest Athel Loren (which the humans were afraid of since the humans who went near it died horribly, and the Beastmen came from it) initially tried to wipe out the humans from afar via arrow sniping and 100% effective village purges, but at some point they got the idea that the humans
1) Couldn't be effectively EXTERMINATUS'd
2) Weren't much better than Beastmen, so why not turn them against each other?
3) Fun for sport hunting
so a Wood Elven woman appeared to one of the mots elf-like humans and let him drink from an enchanted goblet filled with magical water that made him a dead sexy badass. He then united the tribes, and the kingdom was named after him. So Bretonnia developed a religion based around the mysterious Lady who appears before the best, bravest, most handsome knights and presents them with a drink of enchanted badass. Basically if you're imperfect, you aren't a person. Peasants, men who can't fight or who think before charging into a fight on horseback, men who don't have songs about them sung wide and far, and men with poor reputations are all non-persons.
Bretonnians strive for the ultimate pinnacle of manhood in all forms. Wood Elves still appear before them, but not always the best. Whoever will achieve the Wood Elf goals (almost always being a strong leader who will leave Athel Loren the fuck alone, but be a thorn in the side of the Empire or the Beastmen. Bretonnians are on the verge of conquering the Empire by the way.

Bretonnian economic system is as such: give a sock to a peasant, you've doubled the net worth of that village. Which means the local noble will take triple his usual tax next year.

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hey guys i had a random question that i can't find an answer for; i'm from /fit/ so sorry if i don't understand your colloquialisms.

my friends and i just started a 4e campaign and i'm a lawful good deva devoted cleric; what i wanted to know was that if a town was decimated by the undead (and the town has recently been revealed to be completely evil), could i feasibly say that my character would take certain extreme actions that may seem brutal towards surviving members of the town that are revealed (through insight checks etc) to be evil, such as killing an evil blacksmith unprovoked and killing an (according to the dm) infected child while still human. because i did these things. my reasoning for this is that the law of the town is nonexistent, and my character i feel like is on the most extreme end of lawful good, a way i think of it is like the catholic church hundreds of years ago, or puritans who burnt witches in salem.

tl;dr dungeons and dragons ethic question and should i switch my alignment to lawful neutral or something to appease my friends who think i act outside my alignment.

i honestly would really appreciate any insight into this because i don't know any large amount of dnd'ers who i can ask.

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WHFB thread.

Has anyone ever done any custom objectives/scenarios, or had any neat rules for scenery/buildings?

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Why don't you try being a man and come and try?

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My body is ready.

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Sadly don't have the full version.

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I've added items to my character sheet without acquiring them in-game.

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My face when America becomes a police state.

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I'm going to be rejoining a group I left last year for personal reasons, and I was hoping for a bit of advice. It'll be DnD 3E, and I'm thinking I'll go wizard. Can I get any tips on builds and how to play a decent wizard? I'm afraid I'm not sure what level I'll be starting at, but it will probably be around 10.

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Alright, I gotta head to sleep. But I'm happy I could help, OP.

Hopefully I've helped you make your choices a little easier.

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and most of them are of chaos warriors doing this.
I don't have a single haters gonna hate fantasy battle image, and that hurts me.

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I'm having a bit of trouble understanding item enchantment costs in 3.5, /tg/. I've googled, consulted the PHB, DGM, etc., and there are some things that never seem to be clarified.

A +1 enhancement on a weapon costs 2000, and a +2 costs 8,000. Does the price add on or does each price replace the old one? Would a +2 enhancement cost 8,000 or 10,000 (2,000 + 8,000)?

Adding a special enchantment like returning is listed as the equivalent of a +1 enchantment. Is that added in the same way a normal enhancement would be? Does giving a weapon the returning quality cost more if the weapon has a larger enchantment already on it? What is the price of a +1 Returning dagger? Is it the same as getting a +2 dagger? Is it 4,000, 8,000, or 10,000?

Must a weapon have an enhancement equal or greater than the size of any special qualities? Can I make a +1 Brilliant Energy weapon, or does it have to be +4 first?

Illumination would be most appreciated.

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nobody fucks with a ship named Steve

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