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>I can take a fuckload of drones


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Just wait to see what the Tau get next.

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>Tou Dynasty
>cultural exchange
Wuh oh.

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So...how would this affect someone who already has everything they could want?

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Does anyone know where I could find some stats for Tau units in Only War? I found them for Deathwatch, but I know things are stat'd differently for OW from what they are in DW.

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Just play Horus Heresy.

Join us...

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Is it just me, or are these very expensive for an army that's meant to have many.
These are barely cheaper than a riptide.

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While as a Tau player, I can attest to Riptides not being the be all end all of units from personal experience, and indeed, they do lack in quite a few areas. That all said I will say I have never had a riptide felled in one shot, where as I have seen a the Helldrake go down much faster. Perhaps it's due to the meta of interceptor/ skyfire being common, perhaps its just blind stinking luck. Not that it is impossible to one shot a riptide, D and force weapons existing as they do, but force weapons can be avoided, and D weapons are unpopular if only because of the expensive and ultimately all-eggs-in-a-basket they come attached to where as interceptor/ skyfire is surprisingly cheap and available. Now, while I agree with the main point of yours, op, that Riptides are not the hottest shit and Helldrakes are a legitimate threat, I find in my own experience that between two units with several mechanisms to keep them on the table, the one with a minimum 5 shots is more reliable than a minimum 1. Key word is minimum, as dice are fickle in the best of times and competent players and such.

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Kais and Spacewind, meanwhile, continue to exploit the refreshments, including a bottled farseer soul, aged 125 years. They feel a slap on their shoulders, as the festivities continue.
"WHO WHAT ITWASNTME" yells Spacewind.
Korst'la is there, laughing, red-faced from drinking.
"Oh hai der sir!" slurs Kais.
"Yanno...I made sho much money off thish, I don't think I can evrr run out..." laughs Korst'la, "Not ta menshun the dosh from tha computer thing..."
"I gotta say, the first time you talked me down to 10% I thought 'fuck man, fuck. this Por-raised bastard's trying to screw me out a bonus.' But then I saw all the zeroes, and... like, I think I can like, buy two planets and make a bola out of them," gurgleS Spacewind.
"Well then.." slurs Korst'la, "How about thish..."
His shaking hand passes Kais and Spacewind a dataslate. Spacewind grabs the slate and looks. Then he turns it back the right way. The other right. The right right. An image of an asteroid field is there, with galactic coordinates.
"Thish...this is Run'al. It'sh a bit of a fixsher-upper, after it got deshtroyed by a necron...thing, but there'sh shtill schtuff there you can ushe..." mumbles Korst'la, "It'sh yers..."
Korst'la collapses to the floor, and turns to his son.
"Awright...yer tha designated driva taday..." Korst'la VI loses consiousness. The Tiny Korst'la VII stares at the keys to Studio 69, and promptly begins chewing on them contentedly.
".... WOAAAH," says Spacewind in drunken stupor, "KAIS. KAAAIS. WE GOT A BUNCH OF TINY PLANETS AND THE MONEY!"
"SHHHHH. OKAY. ILLL BE REALLY QUIET TOO," yells Spacewind as they take in the money, the remnants of the planet, and the sights of the party. Out of the corner of his eye he sees the Adjutant. He has a lampshade on his head. He is running through the party. He has misplaced his pants.

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Nan'sha'is crumples. Deciding the drone could be useful, the Detachment gather the pieces, and begin searching the area. A terminal across from the Nova Reactor labelled CORE ACCESS shows promise, and accessing it provides a tiny tube, small enough to fit in one's hand. The Nova Reactor goes dim, the power switching to Safe Mode. Searching the opposite terminals, the Detachment download a number of log files for future analysis. As the Detachment stares at the tiny Control Core, the Codec beeps.

"Hey hey!" says the voice of Korst'la VI, "How's the mission going? Find out anything about that station yet?"
"Vior'La staffed, Not entirely on the up and up if you catch my drift," explains Spacewind, "Some extremely unethical ethical happenings on the part of their Aun."
"The station is also filled with Tuk'ata and a strange cyborged version with an interesting view on philosophy," adds Zaill, "We have the core."
"An AI? Tell me more," says Korst'la, "And an Aun? Did they mention a name?"
"We're in the process of a full station takeover using the Cultural Exchange. Interested in buying a not-yet-Brand New Station?" asks Spacewind.
"Aun'o O'Res'Nan," states Zaill.
"Perhaps, perha-" Korst'la stops, "...repeat that?"
"O'Res'Nan. Removed the ethical processing sectors from this DX-84i drone defending the control room. Nice enough chap, fair fight. Got along swimmingly except for all the killing," says Spacewind.
"Which he was very good at," continues Zaill.
"...Get out of there," yells Korst'la, "You need to get out of there FAST."

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Multiple Drones uncloak. They are mounted with cameras and pict-recorders.
"Stranger danger sense tingling. Initiating shutdown procedures," says Kais, who curls up in a ball.
"I should've known it would be something like this then..." sighs Spacewind.
"Here's the short version," explains Korst'la, "Every so often, I run a series of street races. My associates throught this sector have voted, and they have decided to have the next race on Rechner."
He zooms the holomap onto local space.
"They think to challenge me, since I can't get near the place normally," he continues, "and here's where you come in."
Zaill and Spacewind grin to each other in anticipation of the exposure.
"There's a Star Fortress, one of many, orbiting Rechner. I want you to destroy it to clear the way for us to do our thing," he then indicates the drones, "And you have the choice of being filmed while doing so, as numerous groups out there wish to sponsor you."
"So... we take out this fortress, get paid, and then get paid AGAIN?" says Spacewind, incredulous.
"The race won't be for a while yet, sadly," Korst'la says, "Years of preparation have to be performed. I probably won't live to see it, but my son will."

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Damn straight. Fight the good fight. Stomp a craftworld today!

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"As you know, I maintain a number of front companies in the sector. Their money goes to me, and I'm making a killing off the monopoly," says Korst'la, "That's why when I found out the Adeptus Administratum sanctioned new proper manufactoria, I got a little upset."
"A slight issue with proprietary tech, then?" asks Spacewind.
"If they buy from them, they're not buying from me," explains Korst'la, "A number of storage complexes are on the world of Cassius-IX. Everything the Imperial Foundries and Manufactoria need has been moved there. You're going to hit it."
"...Oh so you want the cargo then? Otherwise I'd suggest orbital bombardment," offers Myrthrae.
"An orbital bombardment would give your positions away, make it clear I had a hand in it, AND destroy the warehouses of my companies as well," says Korst'la.
"Could always blame pirates, but whatever you think is best..." shrugs Myrthrae.
"So bad things need to happen, then. Bad things we know nothing of," muses Spacewind, "There's always throwing greenskins at it if we can."
"Throwing greenskins has the same problem of destroying House property," notes Zaill, swirling his drink.

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Go on Foolz and search Exelion. You should find them. I've released 2 archives so far.

In Episode 1, they broke into an Imperial complex and poisoned 4,000 people with a combo of "Your Heart Explodes" and "Your Blood Runs Out Of Every Orifice", while searching for an archeotech reactor.

In Episode 2, they went to Detroit: The Sector to look for spare parts and got creeped the fuck out.

In Episode 3, which will be released tomorrow, they destroyed a number of proper Imperial Manufactoria in their personal starfighters because their boss didn't want to lose his illegal monopoly.

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Not a drawfag, but I happened to have this on hand.

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RPG's are very, very complex due to it's near real life openness and even the best party forgets an important rle once in a while.
RPG's can get really broken pretty easily, which is why it's important to not overthink effectiveness or destroying the campaign and go for what the gm kinda wanted to do and what sounds like fun
And yes, combat generally gets balanced for the level of your character, but the stuff inbetween can get very complicated and easily broken; it's especially unnerving in fatnasy rpg's where combat or utility magic can get used for ridicoulous things when it isn't intended for that

it's like wanting to find and use glitches in videogames, don't do it, even if it's coop; the game designers never intended that and had no defense against it

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Chillax, broski, every faction has its cheesecake.

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You bet, babe. We'll rock it up for the greater good!

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Just imagine, freefloating in some tau vessel, her long, spindly legs wrapped tightly around you. You struggle to navigate competently in such an environment, but for her its second nature, like swimming through the air. In the throes of passion, you struggle to keep up with those lithe gyrations of hers...

By the way, have you considered joining the Greater Good?

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