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This last stand ability still sucks.

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I'd put more stock in the horrors of the male gaze if so many women weren't so blase about attracting it.

>General complaints about realism

It's high fantasy, get over yourselves. Or better yet, make your own character and make special note that she has no boob window. It is a tabletop after all.

I can't believe we're even talking about this when there's a picture of a lich werewolf in here. Fucking grognards.

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If they're voluntarily coming to a FLGS, they don't need pink paint and glitter in the place. Girls who get into /tg/ hobbies are already well aware that they're male-dominated and they can deal with it; they might even prefer it that way. Rather, you should worry about making it a good experience for all your customers.

Well, I guess there are two armchair psychologist suggestions I can make; try to make the lighting and colors in the place warm and inviting. Girls are demonstrably more sensitive to color variation, so just avoiding the drab fluorescents-in-the-ceiling-and-white-walls look might do you a lot of good. Try tungsten lights and colored walls.

Females are also more sensitive to smell, but really, controlling the level of BO in the store is something even me and my dick appreciate. Still, try some scent candles or something. Might help.

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Old empire material would be a bit of a downer though, due to it not being around anymore.

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So it's an artist that just doesn't draw women without makeup. That's nothing special.

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