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The good old avenger gatling cannon and now with 9th and the Rapid Fire Battle Cannon getting blast makes it great for killing large squads of MEQ! Loads of knight weapons do great at killing Primaris, like the titanic feet!

Those knight Armigers look good!

The Moirax is always a good call!

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The Circle of Light is an alliance of knight households on the knightworld of Brittonum that predates the Imperium by at least a few thousand standard years.
Between them the houses of the circle control one third of the planets surface and opted to side with house Draig when it emerged to end the war of the seven kings.

Ostensibly the households are equals in the circle but some are possessed of greater prominence due to their size or what they provide to the circle as a whole.

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This morn pray harken unto me
Thou shalt cease thine futile attempts to best knights in the melee

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Yes but theres people making leg kits that let you pose the legs. Which is...about as good as it gets so far. I'd love to see a partnership with bandai that produced something on par with a master grade gunpla kit.
Complete with working pistons and shit.

Thinking on it. Wou ldn't be too hard to redesign the legs to be articulated. Its just those hip joints that might be iffy.

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I've been thinking about getting into 40k tabletop recently but I'm mainly only interested in the models. Specifically the Admech, Eldar, and Knights.

Are there any groups that met IRL to just talk about models and lore? And if so how difficult would it be to find one?

Also if I did decide to play the actual game would it be possible to just do small casual games every once in a while? Or does most of the community prefer playing long battles with large armies?

Finally, would it be possible to play with an army made up either entirely or mostly of knights?

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>Would the pilot of a giant stompy murder mech fit the highest tier?
I'm guessing yes. Whether they have access to the mech(and the means of maintaining/transporting it) or the ressources/pull of an established RT dynasty(plus their own personal ship or fleet) puts them in tier 5. The Knight very likely goes beyond that scope simply cause of the sheer power it can much more easily bring to a fight compared to the RT's ship.

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Do any of the 40k jumps let me get my own Knight?

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And the Imperium is entirely unapologetic about the whole purging thing. I swear it's only Imperial-fags that have this messed up dissonance whereby the Imperium doesn't commit numerous atrocities in its name. It's apparently everyone else but them that do shitty things.

They act as if Eldar are somehow shitty for putting their own survival above *all* else, especially imperials, when the Imperium would gladly put its own survival over everything else, every fucking time. The Tau are somehow absolute evil for luring imperial worlds into their fold when the Imperium would line up every single xenos found on a newly discovered world against the wall and be done with it. A Rogue Trader might maybe squeeze everything out of that civilisation as possible before purging the lot of them for proper imperial colonisation of the planet, maybe.

It's fucking weird, is what it is.

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Most of you fucks bitching about 'grimderp' have never been to actual shithole countries and seen what life is like over there. Sure, the people get up, go to work, have fun, laugh and spend time with loved ones. But there's always a sort of asterix to it, and the casual way messed up shit(violence, misery, death, cruelty, poverty, sickness) is accepted as the norm drives home the fact that shit's fucked up. People learn to accept it as simply the way it goes and push it out of their minds, the same way those in the Imperium do.

That so many want 40k to be some first-world middle-class suburbia is fucking baffling. At worst, they want it to feel like a nice enough 'poor' neighborhood, but not *too* poor, obviously.

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I like when they have personality, but don't have "human" ones.

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