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I need to make a naming language, which can apply sound changes and things like that to track it for a long period of time until it becomes several daughter languages. I need resources so any link, information, pdf is appreciated. Pls help a brother in need.

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They all look like the Construction Worker from the Village People, but green and with toy axes

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>video games
>HFY fag

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another misconception about medieval soldiers is that they were just idiots with swords. If we're assuming the modern soldiers are professionals, that we have to assume the medieval soldiers are also professionals. This means being trained in combat since the age of fucking seven. Somehow a year of basic training makes you a more experienced/disciplined badass than a life where nearly every god damned hour of your time since you were a preteen has been devoted to soldiering? Cool.

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Is dis nerd serious?

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Their also all women.

Women? The force? Poppycock, Poppycock I say.

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