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In retrospect I'm really disappointing in Skyrim. They had a few REALLY solid ideas but because of either a lack of competence or money they really couldn't execute a well rounded game.

Sure they added some new lore and stuff, but compared to other games it added very little to the Elder Scrolls franchise. Well, besides a bunch of tumblrite/reddit idiots.

Also, was fag marriage just practiced by that one little cult sect in Skyrim? Or has it been retroactively been widespread since forever?

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last few images ill be posting, most of my other 40k stuff are either funny or scans from the rp books

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Yes captcha, I hate you too.

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The prison looked to be in a riot.

As they descended, the lift’s windows revealed floor after floor of expansive red chambers flooded with howling, screaming, fighting, running prisoners. On one floor, the windows showed a yelling man’s face, his fists beating on the glass and leaving bloody stains. He fled as soon as he saw what occupied the interior, which was lucky for him, as Uzas had been about to fire his bolter and end the fool’s life.

‘These will all be rounded up by our slaver ships, ready for the war against the forge world,’ the cannon-bearing Legionnaire growled in his guttural cant. ‘For now, we are letting them enjoy their first taste of blood-lust since they were incarcerated.’

‘We freed them,’ the leader, Falkus, said. ‘We deactivated their restraining cells and granted them their liberty. They are using their first acts of freedom to butcher the internment guards that still live.’ He sounded both proud and amused.

Muted through the lift shaft walls, gunshots could sometimes be made out amongst the howls. Evidently, not all the guards were going down easily.

The lift trembled once as it came to a halt on a floor that looked no different than any other. A horde of prisoners, many bare-chested and armed with cutlery or chunks of furniture as weapons, seemed to be beating each other to death with great enthusiasm.

Until the doors opened.

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