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LINK: http://cmdctr.net/lists/2500-tzeentch-nurgle-deep-strike-daemons/

Psychic and Melee [x]
Deep Strike Everything [x]
Daemons for days [x]
Fast Attack For days [x]
Nurgle fuck your toughness for days [x]

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Quick question, Are Chimeras, or even just renegades worth it over Cultists? Im knee deep in a conversion process and cant decide between Renegades and vanilla cultists, which is better? Are chimeras worth it?

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i hope someone can help you, i only do Word bearers Marines with Chaos daemon allies. i know one guy that does eldar, and its jetbikes.
but I shall continue to lurk.

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Makin' fluff for my Word Bearers. The major thing that I like is I have 5 chaos spawns, Each one a previous Apostle that led them, each one fallen to a different god, and the final one a undivided spawn that requires a wrangler.
Fallen Apostle Fetis- My Nurgle spawn was the first to fall. He simply took to long to do anything worth veneration, all but Nurgle gave up on him. His soul was easy to claim, all he had to do was wait. it feels as if he had been with the legion since inception, hell some cant remember if he is 3 different apostles or 1, due to head count.
Fallen Apostle Malphenus- Fallen to Tezneech after he allowed distraction while summoning lesser deamons. Quick to fleet, he aften enjoys picking what molted feathers manage to pierce his flesh and decorate his twisted croziux with them.
Fallen Apostle Behning- Fell while reviling in the combat against a Dark eldar, Slannesh simply forced his hand and took him mind, body and soul. Deal with it Khorne
Fallen Apostle Vienus- Fell almost immediately within the first hours of combat after status elevation. Khorne be damned that pink sissy going to force whatever he wants.
Currently Dark apostle Pattersin Leads this warband, Getting tastes of deamon hood in the throws of battle, certainly his ascension is at hand, hes had so many tastes, he can hardly contain himself.

-I have more fluff, Im currently making a scrap book which tells some more.

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Nurgle on drums

Slaanesh on guitar

Khrone on bass

And Tzeentch on vocals.

That would be the most heretical band.

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Greetings /tg/

I took a year off 40k tabletop mostly because my son destroyed everything the light touched. Now that hes out of that phase and I can paint again, I have recently been inspired after reading a few books and seen the new chaos codex.

What Im looking to do is a Word Bearers army. I have always loved Logar and the recent Omnibus really inspired me.

My problem though is a competative list. Im looking at running a Dark Apostle hq with 5 chaos spawns, a hell brute and a 10 group of Havoks. I dont really know what to add, they dont make generic deamons and Im concerned about armor pen against armored units. please tg, what can i fit into this army that is within the Word Bearers lore?

TL:DR version:
Running word bearers, Need help making a lore-related list of units.

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