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I have no faith in the post-moot mods to give a shit about /tg/ or what we need to help the board.

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It is a subtle, long term approach.
>implying logic stops the shadowruns

thank you sir, have some bait in exchange

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just gonna leave this here

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Love this gif

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I'm making this thread for the people who don't know about Chaos. Here are some links that will help you get started.


This one has some good army builds:


This one has all that you need for rumours


This covers a good mix of material:

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Why is your Commissar Lord holding his gun like a nigger?

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This one?

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My understanding of the "Machine Spirit" is that its part "real", part superstition. Most of the "machine Spirits" with wills and personalities -are- AI. The Land Raider has AI, titans have AI. The mechanicus calls these "Machine Spirits" because these devices are far too useful to the Imperium to be destroyed simply because they have AI (That is, AI that isn't trying to kill you.).

As far as your logic, sure. As long as you understand the extent of a Heavy Bolter's machine spirit. Unless its a truly ancient and revered relic heavy bolter (which I can't imagine a Joe Guardsman having), the most the guardsman would notice is that the bolter seems to have a slightly tighter bullet pattern when fired at a living target instead of on the range, or the trigger sometimes sticks when enemies are still alive, and even that would be on the high-end of machine spirit "intelligence."

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>irc and forums

Any examples?

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What I'm trying to figure out is which planes are co-existant; such as the Plane of Shadow bordering both the Materiel Plane, and others. I haven't found anything yet telling me WHAT other planes it borders.

Plane-hopping via something other then "lolplaneshift" is intriguing to me.

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The bridge of the Planet Killer was quiet, in a state of expectation. Heretic tech-priests carried out their tasks in silence, mutated spawn stood chained in the corners uttering only the odd gurgle now and then. As always, the mood of the bridge was a reflection of that of its master – Abaddon the Despoiler.

The Despoiler sat brooding on his throne, many thoughts crossing his mind. The schemes and plans that he had been forging for thousands of years were beginning to reach their climax. He had made alliances between the Traitor Legions, the renegade warbands, the hordes of mutants and heretics, and the daemons of the Warp, all of which were now ready to strike. And their goal was the world that had so long stood against Abaddon, his nemesis; Cadia.

Within hours, the fleet would have been assembled. New ships were constantly arriving at the muster point, from where they would all travel out of the Eye of Terror and into the Imperium. But there was something else that Abaddon was waiting for at the moment.

A Black Legionnaire entered the bridge and bowed to Abaddon.

"Warmaster, he is here."

The bridge's usual stench of ozone and filth was suddenly replaced with a titillating smell of perfume, flesh and madness. A moment later, Lucius entered.
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rolled 15 = 15

I'm going to a tournament this next weekend I I need to choose an army to play. To summarize the rules its a new player tournament (lots of people bringing fluff lists and what they have in hand), I cannot proxy and the current codex and rules are used.

I can use the following for the tourney:
Orks (speedfreaks lots of trukks and boyz with nobz for tank busting with klaws)

Imperial Guard (lots of infantry platoons and a few plain russes for obliterating my enemies)

Imperial Fists (drop pods with Vindicator and Raider support, possibly led by Lysander)

The only player that concerns me is a douchebag Eldar player who runs copypasta lists in games. So I humbly ask my /tg/ associates, which army should I use in this tourney?

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Then what were they made of then? Magical folded weaboo? Folded iron, although some of the best iron ever, is still just iron.

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