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Rolled 48 (1d100)


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>People liking Snaketits
>Not glorious scythespinning MA waifu

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Crabs are crustaceans.

Crustaceans that do not give a fuck.

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Nat 20 intimidate

That's all for me folks.

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See pic.
>It's not quite as deadly as 3.5
I'd contest this. Personal experience has given me plenty of TPKs in 4e combat when the party makes some kind of tactical fuckup, or (unfortunately) when the dice really screw the PCs.

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Nat 20 intimidation

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Nah, she'd be cool with it. Pic related.

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>google Ironclaw
>check 1d4chan page

Well, it could end worse. Much, much worse.

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I know it sounds strange, but how would a normal person react to the fact that there's an enormous underground complex full of demon worshiping cultists? Under their house.

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As soon as we come across any Silent Hill, Resident Evil, or Silent Hilled Resident Evil shit we should GTFO.

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/tg/ I am considering basing my campaign off The Divine Comedy. Right now I have my players going into random dungeons (though we have only played a few times in the months we've had the books) but when they get to level ~5 I was going to send them to hell, and then through the events of the rest of the book, but spice it up with combat.
It seems to be a solid plan, but I'm not sure how to start it. The three main ideas I have are
1. Have them get lost in a forest, in line with the book
2. Have them follow a target of some sort into a portal that lands them in the astral sea or
3. Have them killed by Orcus, giving them incentive to kill him.

There are some obvious problems with all of these, the main being that either way I go, if I plan to make Orcus the BBEG, they will have to visit hell LAST which is totally stupid.

I also have no idea what to do about cities, or any place to get equipment, supplies and such.

I am open to suggestions, of any sort.

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They're just a little..


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The AK-47 wielding, anaconda familiar toting druid on the upper left.

The gun also shoots bullet ants in full automatic and bullet bees in three-shot bursts. This is so.

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And I'm still out of a job, because no one wants to hire evil, regardless of its competence. Goddamnit.

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>This entire thread

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Sup fa/tg/uys, I've been looking for examples of clever shit to do ingame, whether gamebreaking or just useful.

Examples of what ive seen before are the portable hole arrows, the truly immovable rods, and the tensers disk tank. Looking for more examples of shit like that to liven up my game.

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