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>Mass produced, malformed, carved dice

I think I am going to puke.

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>Nark nark ur character shit because you put numbers here and there is no crunch rewarding not being the best because shitty d20 only rewards power gaming.

I'd hate to be you and the people I play rpgs with. I should go thank god that other rpgs exist that reward roleplaying and the struggling of heroes, as opposed to biggest numbers punching each other till someone's spells/hp runs out.

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Because 90% of these threads and podcasts of pf vs 5e this is the main gripe. Ill take the system that has more gameplay an character options to the system that guts the game and barely fixes the problems.

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>paladin applys modern morals to a medieval society

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>"We also heard what the next three codexes will be following the release of Death Guard and Adeptus Mechanicus in September. Before the end of November, xenos fans will be pleased to see some of the galaxy’s alien races get their codexes for the new edition with Codex: Craftworlds and Codex: Tyranids, while Codex: Astra Militarum lets fans of the Imperium’s vast human armies create thematic armies from their favourite Regiment."

Astra Militarum came first. This does not tell me the order of those releases at all, little assholes.

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>Talking shit about Ahriman

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>hard to explain
>Makes due with shit explanation
>Supports bubblewrap lore for the oversensitive

Absolutely plebeian anon

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> runs away the moment the fighting gets serious
> anything that's not a basic mook
I can understand if someone wants to stay back in a fight with a less combat-oriented character, but outright running away? Gee. Unless the character really has a reason for that, that's just being a douche.
Unless of course we're talking about a really low-power game, where anything above the regular mook is too much for the PCs to handle. Which I don't believe has been the case here.

Thanks for actually contributing to the thread, anon.

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Because human supremacy

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