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Bring it down sector by sector. Crash the Miserichord into Sepheris Secundus or Scintilla. Burn ever Agri-world. When the Calixis Sector calls for aid, find the worlds that supply it and burn them too. The ripples will spread; Imperial sectors are often unstable or stretched too thin. Let famine, fear, and a thousand minor cults do their work in the resulting collapse!

Bringing down any one of the power structures of the Imperium (the Administratum, the Inquisition, etc.) is next to impossible. Bringing down the Imperium block by block is easy.

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So how do we making swooping hawks worthwhile again also does anyone have a list of the different aspects that are used? I'm thinking of throwing them against a group of acolytes for shits and giggles

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Only the educated can see the flaws of the Imperium.
The uneducated sheep will follow your false corpse god but those who seek truth will find it in CHAOS!

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question, what would horus do about heretics? he was kinda fighting against the emperor to remove him from throne and used chaos gods as tool, not more. how would he react to see that those who he hoped to save from emperors rule have turned to chaos and not just use it, but glorify it

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>generate random chapter
>fleet based, fly around doing random events
>met some battle brothers from holy chapter of blood angels
>they request help on nearby planet to stop a rebelion
>in his grand name, we accept
>start purging stuff, turns out they are chaos fallowers
>my leader faces cultist leader, my leader wins but gets damaged badly by psyker abilities of that cultist
>moths later my leader gains new perk: "Hears voices"
>end up in a fight between tau and IG
>kill tau, message comes that local IG commander is heretic
>since my leader was with commander, killed him in few seconds, guardsmen rage
>"Stand down you weaklings, can you not see the emperors mercy we gave to this heretic?"
>they dont listen
>order men to gun down some guardsmen
>it makes them more angry, full conflict emerges
>kill guardsmen, their navy tho destroyed my battle barge and made me trapped on this world
>more IG coming, all die
>finaly capture an imperial ship
>fly with it to local hiveworld, purge it and billions of people on it just as a "fuck you" to imperials
>"you amuse us mortal"
>become possesed, marines turn to chaos
>space wolves come, only in planetfall they kill half of my men
>rest is finished quickly in melee
>my leader starts killing shit including own bodyguards
>leader goes batshit crazy
>"for murdering billions khorne decided to make you his demon prince"
>accept offer
>die shortly after becoming demon prince
>ressurect on some feral world
>locals see me as their god
>colect new army of cultists
>the cycle continues

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Wouldn't Khorne just send in the Blood Pact if his melee warriors fail?
Since they already dealt with IG armies quite effectively while being fewer in number by using superior tactics and weapons, they should be capable of dealing with the Tau just as effectively.

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It is a bearable but ugly pain.

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Blood Pact assassin strangling a Canonness with a garrote wire.

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Some refpic might be useful, there isn't so much Blood Pact art around.

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I guess I could re-request this, maybe better luck with a refpic..?

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