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I am currently making a fluffy CSM list with cultists as main troops. The idea is that the warband is only aided by a few word bearers so my army will preferable have very little chaos space marines in it.

I need some help with deciding what anti tank units I shall bring, remember; I do not want to have CSM troops for this (I'll only use cultists as troops).

What are the best heavy support/elite anti tank CSM units?

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I have a question regarding cultists.

People claim that they can use autoguns but the codex doesn't state it, is there something I am missing?

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I am looking into making a cultists army and I want to know if they can take out vehicles and flyers.

Are they able to do that on their own or must I have other types of units to do it?

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I have been fumbling around with the idea of having a "Eliminate VIP" type of mission with my friends.

The backstory goes that a CSM came to a backwater human world and took control over it and now a group of space marines have to go in and take him out.

The idea is basically; One player controls a Dark Apostle and an army consisting of chaos cultists while the other player (or players) control squads of marines to go and kill the Apostle to win.

I need help with working out some quirks for the game.

How many points should the armies consist of? I have been thinking of having SM be 1500p and CSM will have 1000p to equip his Dark Apostle and his chaos cultists*. The CSM player will also have get free chaos cultist as reinforcements.

Should I allow the SM player to take tanks and flyers with him? Cultists can't really hit vehicles.

*The CSM player don't need to spend all his points at once and can buy weapon uppgrades/marks during the mission with points that got left after he bought stuff for his Apostle.

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>chaos cultists can't be made into anti-tank units

Does GW even know how an insurgency works?

I mean why can't cultists do this? IG get fucking everything; better armor, more option and cultists get one extra attack in CC.

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How do I effectively main chaos cultists?

I want to have a hundred of them and roll a thousand dice every time I attack.

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