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Wondering if anyone wouldn't mind trying my current Monk. GM did a great pic of her, attached, but I don't mind having more drawfaggotry.

She's a "Chinese" (from the Campaign World's China), bitchy, ~41 year old Monk MILF. Great body, pretty face, huge tits, and an attittude along the lines of "I'm Lin, and these are the Other Guys. They carry my stuff. Now about that Dragon you needed dead?"
Some changes from the GM pic for the daring drawfag:
-Make her show her age a bit more? Looks a bit young here.
-Qipao should be a wee bit skimpier. More of a loincloth on the bottom than a high slit.

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Had to do it when i realized anon is playing Litchi Faye Ling.

Also, fucking anatomy.

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