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But anon, the Mechanicus never deletes anything.

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Contrary to what /tg/ tells you, the Mechanicus does invent shit. But it does it very slowly and most of the time it's just upgrades.
The problem is that they are dicks about it and don't share their creations with the Imperium or even Mechanicus without getting something in return. So if a Forge World gets destroyed then much technology and knowledge is lost for ever. Even those who share freely have a hard time getting their tech to where it matters the most.

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you have lost all rights to a normal democracy thanks to your enabling of the pony fuckers. Submit to the Inquisition so that we may purge the unclean among you , then you may have your semi normal democracy.

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>sensations that last years
>constructions that last centuries

It's like you don't understand the concept of hard work.

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Not OP, but I'm considering getting this one.

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I have a couple.

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