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I'm assuming you want books that can help make your games more interesting.
>Book of the New Sun
has lots of great material for (semi-)religious organizations and rites.
>The Complete Works of Flannery O'Conner
if you want the presence of a higher power to be felt and be active without literally have gods fly down from heaven to do shit, O'Conner has some ideas you can steal
>Blood Meridian
you use can some of the descriptions from this book to make any mundane setting seem like an alien hell. "The floor of the playa lay smooth and unbroken by any track and the mountains in their blue islands stood footless in the void like floating temples."
>The Vorrh
cool, colonial african dark fantasy. magic is bizarre and morbid. for example, someone draws runes on a rifle and bathes the bullets in blood, infecting the weapon with a intelligence so hateful the weilder has to physically stop it from killing everyone around him. another guy turns his wife into a bow and arrows.

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