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Not at all ... of ... one. It's definitely something that DE would wear; in fact it's kind of odd that they run around in super dark colors "officially" and can only be explained by the fact the Commorragh is dark. Based on their disposition they'd be all about swag and displaying themselves in aristocratic, artfully-tailored/forged finery, because fuck everyone else-- they're superior. And contrary to popular belief, beyond Mandrakes (who are only partially Eldar anyway), they rely vastly more on speed and the element of surprise than stealth, tactically. Looking flashy should be no drawback when you pop out of a portal 500 yards from some terrified farmers cruising through the air on your pimp right at 90 mph.

(Well, they do have factions, some of which hew to the "former glory of the Eldar aristocracy" thing more, and others which lean more towards the "mafia"/Vect side, and the latter would be more likely to wear dark colors because it's SOMETIMES practical for what they do and they're more about efficient murder than feeling better than you. However, if you look at the heyday of the mafia, they still all wore swagtastic shit when gunning nukkas down.)

TL;DR more DE should wear bright/rich colors and bling.

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