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That was the joke.
Strike Raid is eternal!
Fun things are fun!
That actually sounds really entertaining. Is there a link to it?

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>not There! We're enemies now. .jpg
I'll help you out today, but next time, use the right filename, anon!

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Thanks Anon.

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>have child that players rescued, but left town undefended leading to it being ransacked and burned to the ground because long reasons
>little girl is now an orphan, 9 years old
>players take a literal hour of time to argue what the best course of action would be
>we're all working adults in our late twenties, two are parents, and most characters are early thirties paternal instincts are pretty high by default
>barbarian wants to keep her and add her to the band since the "civilization" the paladin always talks about did neither jack nor shit to help the village in the first place
>fighter wants to keep her as well, could always use a hand around camp
>Paladin, wizard, and ranger use common sense however and say how this life is not for a child
>finally they decide that leaving her in the next church would be the best thing to do, about a month's trip
>girl starts to help around camp until then with small chores
>fighter shows her how to cook with minimal ingredients and proper upkeep for things like boots/armor
>also teaches her how to sharpen a blade over the course of a few days, paladin makes remarks on how the fighters weapons look duller than usual, fighter eventually teases paladin by telling her to tend to the paladins weapon to get on his good side
>hurts herself on the blade, paladin gets protective, and begins to teach her how to properly use a sword so whenever they split up she can defend herself
>give descriptions of the girl looking downtrodden/scared when he mentions them leaving her all the time
>he ends up cracking on the inside every time I do this, sending me private messages on how he thinks he's going to change his opinion on the kid

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Harvest Moon.

All shall fear your turnips.

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It's okay anon I forgive you

Your waifu a cute

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Actually, nevermind. I will personally run a game for you and your friends.

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Fanwank it. We never really made hard-and-fast rules on what belt combos do. It could be a mode change. It could be a combination of different forms.

Use what works for you.
okay but why tho
Still excited for Princess, Kingdom Come, and more Fire Emblem.

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We all get like that, anon-kun! Huggies!

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I've been told I look like Liam Hemsworth with brown eyes, but I see a fat blob. But thanks anon, y-you too!

Thanks babe. So what is the Absolvor Bolt Pistol? A shotgun pistol? Like how the Heavy Bolt Pistol is a Heavy Bolter Pistol and those jetpack ones are heavy bolter rapids.

Yup. You'll need a credit card to see porn sites, yes. Which means 18+, bank account, name, address and so on. Which means porn sites have your information, which can be stolen, governments have your information, which can be used to blackmail you. So on, so forth. Obviously it can't block everything, it's to block PornHub and Xhamster and shit. But the next step will be to block Tumblr (which isn't blocked but is 70% porn). Most experts have said it's a stupid fucking idea to use credit cards as the age verification and ultimately teenagers will get round it. Though I don't have a problem with blocking porn to under 18's due to how it's fucking up the youth of this world, credit card is not the solution. Alas, within 9 months that's how it's assumed to work (though experts have commented how fucking shambolic this is, giving 8 months when there isn't even a plan or a system in place).

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Barely started on it. Currently bullrushing Kamen Rider Ex-Aid with Digger and the outline for most perks and some drawbacks are done. I won't make any promises on when it will be done, but I can say 'soon'.

Thunderbolt Fantasy and Princess and the Frog will be next due to the lower amount of research/content needed for a complete jump.

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I thought so. It makes sense to me, but I'm no businessman. It just seems like the best way to ensure sales. Sell a product that is somewhat functional, but not complete until further purchases are made.

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Even better, combo it with The Fog of Legend in the same jump and attribute all your deeds to said disguise. As far as everyone is concerned, the fate of all Creation was changed by a floating piece of cabbage.

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It's me sticking to the format and the discounted price for it is just 100. You'll have to bear with it.

Basically you would be treated as though you had a seat at Mt. Olympus if you had worshippers in proportion to the other major Greek Gods.

And I'm sorry, I just had most of the thread yelling in my general direction saying 'SOLARS CAN DO THIS ALREADY GIVE US SOMETHING MORE UNIQUE'. You'll have to excuse me if I'm grasping at straws or odd metaphysics, here.

I do appreciate the criticism, but wrestling with both the thread and the clunkiness that is Exalted is kind of like having teeth pulled without anesthetics. So I'm going to be a tad grumpy going forward.
That could work, yeah. I'll add a note to it.

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You're not wrong.

Speak of, anyone want some more writefaggotry today? Gaim is next and boy fucking howdy do I have material for that.

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Allow me to assist you, wayward anon. First, you need to be able to survive an encounter with such a being, which can be problematic if you're trying to befriend a being of mass destruction or three. Commencing shill the Drop-In perks Hollow Heart and Because It's You will let you survive an encounter with a dangerous entity as long as you don't ready up for some kind of fight, and Hollow Heart lets you inspire loyalty and affection from the broken and the violent.

Alright, so now they're in your general orbit but their attitude hasn't changed much. All sorts of befriending and psychology perks can help here, but What A Fool I've Been from Ogre Battle helps if you're explicitly trying to redeem someone difficult (may require some investment), and some of the Orphan Perks from Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei Part 2 effectively 'uncap' your ability to befriend someone - if you work hard enough, you can add just about anyone to your social circle.

If they're someone who likes to fight or is still violently difficult, some non-lethal combat combined with Friendly Rivalry and Power of Friendship from Nanoha end shill will greatly speed up the process.

Now, if you're blatantly trying to befriend something or someone that neither had nor wanted a human mindset, like a local eldritch abomination, Her Hate is Safer(for romance) and Primordial Psychologist or Peer of Hell will help them see you as an equal and help you understand alien mindsets more easily. There is also a perk in Bloodborne (I forget the name) that causes eldritch entities to view you as kin or worth investing in...which can be problematic depending on what you're dealing with.

Finally, my favorite charisma perks are many from the Fire Emblem jumps, such as Combat Recruitment and The Lodestar from Heroes - even the saltiest or most unpleasant of entities will respect you after a while.

How's that?

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That's when I kick for the chest.

Or just anywhere, really.

I find that Rider Kicking someone at ludicrous speed tends to get the point across, regardless of location. I'm just spiteful. I haven't acquired 'defeat means friendship' perks in abundance yet, but I plan to recruit unpopular protags this way later.

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So I'm doing the Decade gauntlet on jump 24, while taking the opt-out because Fucking Kabuto.

I then realized that I could put Kamen Rider Diend and [Fire Emblem] Anna in the same party together.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad of an idea is this?

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Rolled 6 (1d8)

Jump 04: Digimon
Location: Frontier
Age: 12
Origin: Drop-In
Digimon: Terriermon
Digivice Upgrades: Sustained Evolution [900], Digimon Disguise [850], Digidex
Golden Digi-Egg [550]
Map [500]
Power Lock Wrist Brace
Revive Disk [300]

300 unspent.

This jump hurts me.

Alright, this time things are a little more interesting because I actually remember Digimon from my home world. Or at least, some of it. It's been way too many years for me to remember what it was about or what I should be doing here. I seem to have a new friend, though…this Terriermon has been following me around since I arrived. I'm in way too young a body to be using my martial arts properly, so the help isn't unwelcome.

I guess I can do what I've always done and follow my plot radar until I find some adventure…?

As far as deals with the devil go, this isn't so bad, but the knowledge that worlds of fiction from my world are both real and on the menu is…unsettling. Hopefully it doesn't come up again.

Next List:
1. Generic Universal Monsters
2. Career Model
3. Fate/Zero
4. Fallout 4
5. World of Cultivation
6. A Spyro jump
7. Gargoyles
8. Yoshi's Island

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