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Would like to recruit /40kg/ into helping me brainstorm - what conversions or paint techniques would you use to bring out more of the horror aspects of Necrons? I can't play my Tomb Kings anymore, and I like the Necrons but I'd want to try and tie into some of those horror tropes that show up in TK armies. How would you make Necrons feel more like Space Undead and less like Terminator Knock-offs?

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What jumps have "magic" that is in all actuality advanced tech?

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>They were the Technology Legion.

Sadly, this is no longer tenable. Multiple Legions are already described as having outsized stores of equipment and Dark Age of (Technology*2), as well as regularly fielding Terminator formations. Furthermore, some Legions boast inexplicably close ties to the Mechanicus and the Forge Worlds, and so are granted either prototype equipment or custom-made, Legion-specific wargear.

AirCav is now the realm of the VIIth Legion so that's a no-go.

Can you expand on the Napoleonic Warfare slant?

>The Legion needs a good centre. A specific style of Warfare that fits them best. Maybe the new guy can think of one.

I had an awful idea about Necron/Mordian- inspired Space Marines once if you think you can stomach the thought.

>Really, I'd like the new guy to look at all the Legions and how they make war and see where our weak points lie so they can be fixed.

I can do this, in time. But any changes to the content are made only by the Legion's writefag.

>I'm putting a horrible burden on him aren't it?

Nope, not really. If I considered it a burden at all I simply wouldn't be here.

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What would you do to necrons to compromise between boring oldcrons and randumb newcrons?

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>tfw necrons have the least art and half of it's in the codex already
I'm exaggerating, but I still feel left out.

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>Initiating awakening procedures
>Loading memory banks
>Activate protocol dice+1d10

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But their space robot zombies. SPACE MOTHEFUCKING ROBOT ZOMBIES!

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>Imperial Armour Volume 12
NECRONS BITCHES! Fingers crossed in hopes of getting a Titan-esc model.

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Alright, I'll pick them up then. Any good models from which I can convert Lords and Cryptechs?

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couple more random pictures for a quick bump

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So I'm guessing this player is undefeated because all he plays is people that'll cripple their own armies to stop his crying and 10 year olds.

Has he ever competed in a tournament that wasn't in his mother's basement?

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I like the newcrons, but I kind of would have liked it more if they kept being incomprensible aliens. Expand on making them mysterious, terrifying and alien. Pic related, it's my favourite rendition of Necrons.

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