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What abilities could let me completely delete someone across every single timeline? Just completely eradicate them from existence?

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>Mention heresy or melons
>Get thrown out of his hiveworld apartment

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Here: Fun, I want to, and I can justify it.
Quit being so obtuse. Jesus Christ, I want to play something and I listed several good reasons and explanations. Do you even interact with other human beings? Put on a trip so we can filter you.

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>no u

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>Also, you are aware that if the UK recorded murders and homicides like the US did, we'd have more than double them per 100,000 than the US, right?
Bull fucking shit.
Pro guns always bring this "hurr britain has more violent crime than the us", but it's only because the UK and US have very different descriptions of violent crime with the UK being far more liberal with the term. If you'd use the US system in the UK, the UK has way, way less such crime.

>Banning guns doesn't even prevent mass killings, look at the Charlie Hebdo shootings and 7/7.
First of all, cherry picking the rare cases from a population of ~750 000 000 and comparing them to a population with ~320 000 000
Second of all, Japan banned guns and they only had like 3 mass murders with the number of victim ranging from 7 to 13.
Thirdly, stop comparing the US to other countries. Different culture, different mindset.

Before you flip your shit and call me a libtard or whatever, I'm pro gun but luckily not American so you can fuck right off.

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That's it

Harem Knights

You know what, you need to leave

/tg/ will be fine without you

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