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Is this how the Imperial Guar- er Astra Millistratium works?

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OP you have served the Emprah well this day. Thank you for all this info.

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May not be the right thread for this but...is there any word on how Leman Russes are effected in the new gaurd dex?

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As it stands now, they're in a reasonably good place and aren't really cheesy unless you run too many vendettas.

The new codex should be coming out soon though, so who knows how that will pan out.

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>via Big Red on BoLS
>New plastic tank based heavily on the Heresy-era Malcador. Large kit outsizes the Land Raider (way smaller than a Baneblade) Multiple variants in the kit.

>Updated Basilisk returns. Gun assembly is more rearward with armored skirts replacing the delicate railing. An overall more up-armored appearance.

>A NEW dogfighter flyer arrives, that is NOT an existing known model.

>New Plastic Stormtrooper/Veteran kit will build a minimum sized unit. Kit includes a TON of optional bits to individualize your squad as well as bits to dress up existing Cadian ranges.

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TG can someone explane why BT and Sisters are desperet allies?

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>Player/GM: GM

>System: Dark Heresy.

>Contact info: [email protected]

>Misc: Looking primary for first-time RP:ers, due to current three players being first-timers.
>Looking for another 1-2 people.
>The game is character driven and voice based and uses Roll20 + skype for table/interaction.
>We'll be running on sundays GMT+1 probably during the afternoon. (no precise times elected)
>You'll be expected to give me a character sheet as well as a general list of character traits and description(I'll be giving you guidelines for this)

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Nothing you do seems to be really helping as you wave your hands over the various scipts and images on the green display - useless information keeps flowing forward and the more of the tiny boxes of information you swat away with wide hand movments the worse it becomes! You try everything - pressing the red areas, yellow areas, hell you even kicked it once in desperation, but to no avail - the massive table remains impassive, continuing to work heedless of your care. You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down slightly, as long as you don't touch anything important you should be fine... it came to life when you touched it.. so perhaps you should just.. stop touching it, you know some cognitators awaken only when somebody is close by. A life ombord a void ship have told you that much.. you take a step back. And remain completly still... a moment creeps by as the table suddenly powers down, going black again.

... safe...

A minute or two passes before a familar voice calls out again. "I've mended your slate's spirit." - turning towards a sudden opening in the wall - where a door you diden't even notice amongst the pipes and carvings on the wall seemingly had opened - stood the man in red cloth, in his mechanical hand resting a white familiar slate.

Your data-slate.

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Armored Fist Company
1499/1500 pts

HQ: Company Command Team (260)
>Officer of the Fleet
>Veterans with Melta
>Power Fist and Plasma Pistol
>Chimera with multi-laser, heavy flamer, and hunter killer

Troops: 2x Infantry Platoons (744)
>Platoon Command Team with 4 flamers, powerfist and boltpistol
>Chimera w/heavy flamer and multi-laser
>2x Infantry Squad with auto cannons.
>2x Chimera w/ heavy flamer and multi-laser

Troops: Veteran Squad (215)
>Sgt with plasma pistol and power weapon
>3x Meltas
>Chimera w/heavy flamer and multi-laser

Fast Attack: 2x Vendettas (280)
>2x heavy bolter sponsons

I want to run a armored fist list next week borrowing my friend's 7,000 pt army.

What do you guys think?

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I fucking lost it - cheers drawfriend, oh god I am tears fuck, the delay on this post is all this pictures fault!
You take a deep breath, licking your lips as you grasp instinctively harder around your gun, praying that they won't see you behind your boxes. Moments ticks by as the cracking gets louder - and the yells become more coherent "Shoot him!" - "No, you crack him off!" you flex your good leg, feeling your breath speed up in anticipation.. this was not a completely bad feeling, there was a slight buss to the events unfolding a bustling around your ears, you'd never quite felt like this before... like the world around you became so much clearer... you could not quite place it, but the air seemed to taste of something.. the colors around you more vivid. Another lick across your lips, another flex.

"Hey guys - look, someone is down"

"Hey, screw him man - those guys still behind us, nobody around - fething guard that wall alright? I'll go check if he's still got a gun, mines almost dry"

>Roll for initiative! 1d100, one is enough.

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Sup /tg/ you faggots got me back into 40k and the rpgs are pretty awesome. I could use your advice on some things.

I'm co-gming with a buddy of mine a rather big OW game (~10 players).

Now without going into too much detail (some of our players could be reading) the campaign starts with the reactivation of an experimental platoon that was disbanded when the previous campaign ended abruptly in disaster.

This platoon will consist of the survivors of the previous two campaigns, and the rest will be new players.

The platoon is unique in that it is comprised of soldiers from very disparate brigades, ranging from season veterans, to promising but green recruits.

We decided that due to what happened in the 2nd campaign, the veterans were consigned to cushy desk jobs for the past 5 years to cover up the event.

The question is how hard should we be resetting the players from the previous campaign? Should they have to reroll for gear? Force them to reroll?

We were even thinking of getting one of the older players to find their character sheet and boost the new players up to that xp amount in order to represent that they were green yet very talented, and even allow the older players to re-stat as well if they choose to.

How would you guys go about this?

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You casually remark on the many bastards you've encountered so far, noting in particular Nikkobar and Lak, to which she replies with a "Its just because your to judgmental Schulte, you really should try and get along better!" you sigh and say "I'll start being civil when they get their heads out of their behinds - your just to kind Angelina, that's the issue, regardless - you know where I can pick up a new jacket?""No clue actually, guess you'd have to talk to a teacher right?" you lift your gaze onto the larger central building at this, slightly blinded by the sun far above that already seems to be setting ever so slightly - the day cycle on Besvir sure was quick, but it was delivering some much needed cold to the ground. "Guess I'd better, perhaps I could find one after practical - the dinner break is nearly an hour long after all" Angelina chips in with a "Yeah, I think its suppose to cover personal time as well, I could come with you - would give us a chance to look the schola over, there is an awful lot to see"

Parting to avoid an incoming group of students you are reunited shortly and continue as you walk across the large yard "So - know anything about dueling?" "Well, I .. sort of do - its where you fight another person, and only one wins.. its part of the noble houses guess they are doing it for us to train fighting.." "Eh? Sounds dangerous.. " you respond, slightly distressed "I mean, what if you hurt someone to bad..?" "Duels are usually to the death Schulte, but I'd wager they won't let us kill each other off right..?"

After the whole wood incident you can only shudder. "Lets hope not, and if we are - lets pray I get up against Nikkobar - I've knocked him off his feet before!" smiling as you appear before the mess hall structure the two of you ascend the stairs together - getting crushed in with the crowd, noticing however the pressure and amount of people are less then they where last time.

>And with that, Commissar quest ends for tonight

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40k Story time, motherfuckers.


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You felt a bit stupid for asuming they did but you where not prepred for this... You'd seen the planet from above, a scene you where use to - the void, the planet - the odd features on it, in particular this odd molding..

But when looking upwards you saw, blue. Blue roof, with dots of white - nothing else for as far as you could see aside from the glaring sun, it was reasuring at least that the systems star was visiable - you reconiced it from the ship, even if it seemed smaller from down here.. it meant that something was like it should be.. but the stars? Where are the stars, the planets three moons? You could not make either out among the endless blue.

Someone bumped into you as they hurried past, tearing you brutally away from your revereis!

>All the things you carried with you on the ship are on your person.

>You are well rested, but have not had anything to eat yet today.

>You've got a data-slate, sturdy Metal boots, a frilly blue dress and your winning personality.

>What do we do now...?

>Exit the ship.
>Re enter the ship(Specify action)
>Look for the twin-heretics/Nikkobars friends (Roll)
>Gaze onto the weird enviroment around you


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Yesterday had been hectic if nothing else you think while hosting yourself up on your elbows into a sitting position - peering out through the crack in the "cloth" that made up the walls of your room, outside you could see others moving about, getting ready. You'd had the oppertunity to not only learn more about your destination but also spend some time with Johnatius - he had shown your the ships servitor halls, it was a dirty and stained place - but it had taught you some basics of servitors! His dad was even nice enough to let you walk with him through a shift, he had been working with...

>Time to roll! What did we learn from our trip?

>1-20 Servitor refitting (Increased knowlage of imperial standard tools, their names - and purpose)
>20-40 Servitor maintenance (Increased knowlage in regards to the most -simple- of tech rituals)
>40-60 Servitor Biological check-ups (Some more information in how human attonmoy works)
>60-80 General servitor work - you never learned what as he was "working as" As he was checking up and counting some servitors that day, that was all - however, you got to drive his onbord truck!(Increased understanding of driving and vechicals)
>80-95 Servitor Cognitator maintenance (Increased understanding for Cognitators and their basic opperating)
>95-100 Servitor-Armorer (Increased understanding or the imperial tools of war, the kind old man even let you fire his gun a few times at the shooting range)

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Why be the finest when you can be the hammer?

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Alright /tg/, a Taufag here.

My friend plays Steel Legion/Cadian and I want to buy him a gift.

Not just any gift, a huge gift.

I was wondering what I should buy him to play up the vehicle spam of the Steel Legion and whatever the Cadians focus on.

I'm also thinking of getting him the IA which has the Armored Company army list so he could use it for his Steel Legion army.

Anyone know what IG vehicles I should buy for his gift?

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Don't foget that a techpriest can sit inside the Vendetta and repair it on a as low as a 3+ with a few servitors
Basicly IWND but way better.

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one person at my FLGS has a chaos champion head greenstuffed onto a gun drone because that gun drone killed Lucius the Eternal in melee and the drone is in the midst of turning into Lucius.

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IG is probably the codex that have stod the test of time better then any other.

As far as I know IG still Beats the crap out of Chaos and are atleast tied with the GK.

Nothing in the name can match the pure mass of special/heavy weapons Guard can bring, Orks will cry salty tears under the rain of GL spam, Eldar weep when they have no way of getting to the 5+ auto cannons utterly molesting their army that are sitting behind 40+ guardsmen, Daemons and every other CC army will grind their teeth when they charge into units of 10 guardsmen, only to be utterly gun'd down by the seven other 10 man units around them.

Orders are pretty much Farseer powers that you can cast several of, and don't have to worry about PotW, with even more mini farseers in the form of the varios commanders.

Their tanks can still block out the deployment zone with their numbers.

Their melta vets are still the bane of every major monster out there.

Blobs of guard are the single best way to hold objectives if you play your cards just a little bit right.

And finally, the big one, the terror of the skies, the bringer of the anal iche itself:
The Vendetta, the cheapest, best flyer out there, nothing in any books can match it's point to poweer ratio.

If you are a Guard player, you have nothing to fear, you are fear itself.

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is vetock as good as ward?

will it be "based-vetock" now?

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