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Thank you sir.

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The Eldar and Imperium work together in almost all the major wars, why can't they just make a basic truce?
Eldar divination and webways combined with the sheer power of the imps would dominate?
Saying that the Eldar or the Humans are too up themselves to at least work together is retarded, if they had just listened to each other the Horus Heresy would never have happened, or at least not caught everyone off guard like it did.

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Chaos is where I'm currently thinking of turning to for inspiration, unsure what specific models though...

I'd love to have my hands on a Revenant, looks so fun! But I think it's a tad pricey for this moment.

Wraithlords are one of my favorites, so fun to position differently each time, and awesome for paintscheme options!

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