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I so fucking hate this argument. I started my Tau back when they had old codex with half of their rules being to longer valid, and when they generally were a joke.
Then I had a break from playing due to little time and cash.
I return after about a year, there is a new shiny codex and bunch of assholes with their fucking
>The only reason to play tau is to be OP

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Why isn't this posted yet here?

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I only plan on using one. I like my gundams too much to not use it.

Shas’o Neth’el is known for being a very inquisitive commander along with being quite cheerful and charismatic, she initially served as a Tau Firewarrior when the cadre was fighting Orks and exploring uncharted sectors of space she gained a strong wanderlust and grew to be a very curious individual, always wondering what is around the next corner, whether it be an Ork to destroy or a new race to convert to the Greater Good. She rose to the status of shas’ui after serving for 4 years in her fire warrior squad and became a Battlesuit Pilot and accompanied a squad of vespids. Becoming renowned for her strategic skill after organizing and executing several successful mont’ka strategies with her teammates, which often revolved around teams of Vespids and battlesuits (or other fast attacking vehicles such as Piranhas) attacking the enemy from one end while teams of fire warriors and hammerheads trapped the opponent from another. Ensuing no escape, and total destruction if the enemy does not accept her final offer to join The Greater Good.

>Info dump end

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Why is she so perfect, /tg/?

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500 Point tau list


Fire Warriors 2x12

Riptide- TW plasma rifle


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Ethereal- 50

Im not sure what to spend the last 66 points on

I was thinking either Kroot, or crisis suits with markerlights for support

This army will be used mainly against my friends with their Orks and Necrons

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I didnt see an armylist thread up

Making my first army, 500 point Tau. Im mostly going to be playing against friends. Ive got 2 lists in mind.

Ethereal with Equalizers

Fire Warriors
12- 6 emp grenades-Shasui w/Markerlight, 2 drones
12- 6 emp grenades-Shasui w/Markerlight, 2 drones

2 Broadsides

504 points



Fire Warriors-216


Crisis suit squad-66
3 Suits

512 Points

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I was looking into buying some models from china man for my tau army, but it has been so long since I went on the website I forgot the password. Could you spare a moment to help me out and post the password

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Ni hao!

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The Adjutant makes his way to Zaill, "Sir, a moment?"
"Yes?" hisses Zaill.
"Sir, upon reading your review of the R'Sinda, Korst'la had the Engineers in charge...given to Khodexus. He and Khodexus then personally redesigned a system they hope you would test out, based on your report. It's called the Skyriver Interface Unit."
"So, any word spoken against it is a word against the Archon." Rolling his eyes, he'd gesture for the adjutant to lead on, "Shall we?"
"No, sir," says the Adjutant, "They simply wished to accommodate your request, in case the situation ever required it. We hope it will somewhat alleviate your concerns, sir."

Reviewing the wargear, everyone knows they must pick carefully. New RnD Wargear is available, such as the Skyriver Interface Unit (granting the ability to use the Bearer's own agility rather than the suit's), Spectre Data Jammer (A personal cloaking system for the battlesuit), and the Logarithmic Horizon Database (With the inability to acquire Puretide Engram Chips, the House needed to...improvise). Most, however, go with a wide variety of systems.

Spacewind arms up with double Plasma Rifles, and Vectored Retrothrusters and the Spectre Data Jammer. Kais selects a Fusion Blaster, Burst Cannon, Vectored Retrothrusters, and an Early Warning Override. Zaill selects a Disintegrator, Dark Lance, Vectored Retrothrusters, and the Skyriver Interface Unit.

"All systems nominal, sirs," says the Adjutant, "Prepare for Launch."

The Coldstars are moved to launch rails, and the launch bay shields drop. With a trail of sparks, the Coldstars are shunted out of the Launch Bays.

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The way of unarmed combat says, do not be unarmed

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Why do people hate Tau so much? Frankly, I love the idea of faction consisting of a bunch of xenos under the rule of an ancient Indian/Theocratic government.

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Do you tau?

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Giant terracotta robots=battlesuits
Tzeentch fuckery by the nobles resembles the Ethereal bullshit
Chinese would have great ranged options in comparison to other, similar armies of the time period. Equals fire warriors. If they include Korea as part of Cathay the same way Empire contains Poland and the Russian satellite nations then they can even use their "big thing model" a a naval themed thing similar to Tau vehicles.

It's just something that people go back and forth about. I think it's a great theory, but unlikely.

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Allows mes to disagrees. The Tau Empire is a major faction of a popular war game. It is, on its face, relevant to this board. This thread is simply drilling down to what matters most about that faction; sexy, sexy blue-skinned alien girls.

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Nope, turns out it's all there.

So for $15 I got a fake-cast (I knew it was, I don't care, I don't play at GW shops) Sniper Team.

I am not displeased with this arrangement.

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thanks a ton man,

i'll get to work on this right away.

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>in the chest
To my understanding, this is true. Like pic related.
>like a gundam
I'm pretty sure its more like EVA or G Gundam where they are synched up with the suit and actually feel damage done to it. I remember reading somewhere that veterans are typically a little brain fried and sometimes forget that their leg isn't actually missing and that it was just the suit that was damaged.

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higher resolution version just for you.

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