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I always thought a space marines "equipment" is fully functional and the lack of sex and children is due to space marines being more or less brainwashed to completely ignore their sex drive.

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Didn't see one in the catalouge.

>share a link
>describe when you'd play the song

The group has come to know that when the bass drops, shit gets real. Haters goin hate but dubstep works with any game ever.
>Would play when party is in a nightclub/party scene, NPCs start removing clothing and chanting and cutting and screwing, and time it so that when the bass drops a greater daemon starts to claw its way out of the ground

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Al tries to fire the gauss flayer at the wraith and misses horribly. Billy attacks it next and does some damage. The wraith gives Al a good lashing taking about half of his wounds away. Joe and Kara show up and start blasting away with bolters into the wraiths back seriously injuring it. Pissed off, the wraith grabs Al and tosses him across the room, putting him down to only 2 wounds. It takes a few more bolter rounds and is seriously hurting. It regenerates a little but fails it’s Willpower tests and decides to slink off.
At this point the players are already talking about taking off, citing that even though they haven’t found the source of the seismic activity, they think they’ve seen enough to report back to the Inquisitor. As they’re making their decision I’m trying to think of ways of maybe persuading them to stay and finish the investigation. I don’t want to rail road them hardcore, but all my planning kinda revolved around them reaching their destination. As I’m thinking, Billy decides to heal up Al. He rolls his psychic dice for healer and rolls a 9. Awesome. As a GM I love pysker 9s, they are too much fun. He heals Al up little bit and I have him roll his psychic phenomena. He rolls Banshee howl. Banshee howl sends out a deafening shriek that can shatter glass out for a kilometer. The players are all deafened for what amounts to 30 seconds in game time and some glass on some stasis tubes starts to crack.

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Different kind of liches

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I know where you are coming from.
I'm a player in an RT campaign that is just starting, and our GM just began getting into the lore. Most of the players don't know a whole bunch, and I can't say that I know as much as most fa/tg/uys here. Just equip yourself best you can and don't worry too much if you don't know everything.

Maybe play Dawn of War a bit to get the general feel? I haven't read any of the books myself but that might be a good starting point too.

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Who has time for more when there is loot to be had!

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with an IG army? I've never faced one down before.

I know my opponent will be fielding Yarrick and a few others units that worry me, Master of Ordnance, Basilisk battery and a Leman Russ Demolisher.

pictured unrelated

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crons. easier to play and paint especially for beginners. Orks is not a beginners army especially in their current state

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>Start on a peaceful agri-world with Imperial Fist descendants.
>Help the nearby forgeworld with a minor Ork and Heretek problems. Start becoming close bros with Mechanicus.
>Because of how reliable I am, they keep rewarding me with decent weapons. Heavy Bolters and Dreadnaughts for all.
>For some reason, they want to put up a shrine on my backwater dirt farmer world. Bribe me with some Terminator suits.
>Fuck yes you can!
>The shrine turns into a dig site.
>I get a steady stream of Techmarines while they do their work.
>The dig site turns into mysterious ruins.
>Da fug?
>The ruins turn into a Necron Monolith.
>The planet turns into a massive graveyard as the Mechanicus pulls out and I have to fend off on my own against a death march of death.
>Make my last stand in my stronghold with Techmarines.
>Only a handful of Dreadnaughts and Terminators left.
>The Imperial Guard has entered the system!
>The Inquisition has entered the system!
>My chapter is declared to harbor Chaos Worshipers, and left for dead.
>Ironically, so was the Forge World. I got to see it begin to get raped as my own men were flayed alive by angry Necrons.

I've had worse days.

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Am I doing it right?

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Fuck yes

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My generally neutral nigga.

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Thriller! Thriller night!

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Im feeling the xeno in me....

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Bronies are generally awful human beings. The first one I'd ever met was some idiot obsessed with some cross-eyed pony who got flustered about the way I'd recorded a YT video.

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