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Rolled 28, 80, 44 = 152

A deal is a deal. The carpace armores are purchased and distributed among the storm troopers, the Tyranid war Veterans will of course be equipped first before any other units will receive carpace armors. (10 monies)

1-2. The Captain was satisfied. They had not only prevailed but shown those buggers the what for. They would gather some of the xeno biomass that was still floating around. It would be contained and watched around the clock, even though all of it was dead they would not make the fault of leaving it unguarded. It was of course important as well that the ordos would not be informed of this, but perhaps the more radical members would come to appreciate the chance to conduct research upon Tyranid material. Long ago the trader himself had heard a rumor that there used to be a man made tyranid colony, if they were able to domesticate tyranids.. he shook his head. A dangerous thought no doubt, word was that the colony had been wiped out by the tyranids themselves. He looked to his Scratz, petting it onto it's enormous side, he should be content with what he had.

3. The trader scrolled through another page on usedwarships.emps whistling through his teeth, they were armed sure, but they were beyond anything he could afford by a long shot. He had to come up with some other way to make money. Sure he had success with his toaster factory, but there had to be something else he could do. Now with his increased amount of funding he should be able to set up new facilites, get more workers. Who knew, perhaps even make something different than toasters and purchase a production license from the adeptus mechanicus. He scratched his neck, of course it wouldn't be easy but with the spirit of en entrepreneur he got to work, money was not made on it's own.

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>A very angry Filly

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I'm sorry, that sounded awfully heretical.

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>Playing D&D

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>trusting the word of xeno scum

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Not sure if trust-worthy or GW lackey...

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The frog with the baseball cap has a point.

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Hey! Look everyone its mister no fun!

Hey Mister No Fun, Did you forget the Hide thread button again...silly mister no fun.

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that sounds retarded, especially the titans on DOW scale and exterminatus, why the fuck would I want to nuke myself in DOW?

Firestorm is still the best mod for DOW:DC

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>Ultramarines, First and Second Companies

Did I read that right?

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I work nights, so when you wake me up at noon to GM your friends wild faggotry, I get a little pissy.

she has cooled down though, and in the first of it, we actually played well together.

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Theyre not as good as they were before challenges, olde fleet and +1 I FC but theyre good, still.

You are a nigger and that is not helping.

Buy used models, not sure how trustable your locals are but when buying used models face-to-face you cant go wrong. While back i bought a trashbag-full of nids, worth some $800 for $200. Or use alternative models, as mentioned before.

Hell, you could loan an army from a friend if one plays 40k, you can spend your cash later.

Also when buying used models remember one golden rule: GW stuff will never be as cheap as it is now, so buy used when you can.

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Since /r/ mostly has porn, and my request will be lost among it, I'll address it to the fine and sophisticated gentlemen here...

Demonoid's down, and someone told me there's a couple of new books on Horus Heresy that are actually good ("Deliverance Lost" and "Outcast Dead"). I would appreciate it if someone could link me to at least those two books, or the whole collection somewhere...

Also, would appreciate recommendations of other books. Last I read was Mechanicum I think.

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Yes your rage only makes my All Women Space Marine Chapter vaginas wetter.

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Pretty sure thats camera glare...but im not too sure.

I...I mean the rules in 6th...mastery levels, warp charges.... the different specializations...

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>All games must be hated on regardless of if they are actually good or bad
Sounds like some faggot enjoyed Diablo 3.

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