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Rolled 7, 9, 7, 6, 9, 10, 8, 1, 10, 3, 6, 8 = 84

Let's go

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If Cadia is so importaint, why don't they let them use vitae wombs?

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>Implying that you can field a Guard army with only 60 models.


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So /tg/ I decided to take the plunge after a talk with a family member and Rogue trader vet and start collecting Necrons tomorrow, picking up my first box of Warriors (And perhaps Immortals) and then expanding from there. Any advice on paint schemes? Should I get a hobby knife to get the models out of the sprue? How much glue am I gonna need? Should I pick up an Overlord as well, or go with a named character?

TL;DR Help a noob out please?

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I know this is a trite and simple request thread, but I desperately need the great wealth of pictures created with this theme
I know there were dozens of the things made, yet I can't find any :/

Plz help /tg/

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We play mostly Deathwatch, which goes rather well actually, but then again the marines are pretty much equal and there isnt a lot of interaction with outsiders within the team. What annoys me probably the most is that I spent quite some time writing the story and had some key characters in it that come along at the beginning, like the commander, but I failed to consider the possibility of the players being able to be such a threat to him. I still like the story and the setting, so maybe I should try it with another group. If it still goes down in flames, then I'm at fault.

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That's because most of them don't design their quests to be interesting to the /tg/ audience, regardless of whether or not this quest was designed to appeal to /tg/ it has alot of strong appeal, from magic, /d/ material and adventure to a modern, just relatable enough setting and decent humor.

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because they're not-clones

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I need more Tallaran pics I think that's my only one.


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I'm wearing a gasmask... does it look like I smoke lhos? That being said the tallarn are welcome to help us crush our foes.
Yeah probably not a good idea but, eh they're Cadians what do you expect.

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>implying I have imperfect vision and shitty facial hair.

That's dangerously close to heresy.

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Aww shit. What am I gonna do with dem blood ravens.

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Alright...Anyone else interested?

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Corridor A secure. Commencing entrenchment procedures, sergeant

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Bump for justice.

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And some DKoK

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Oh really? When?

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Sup /tg/.

How do I play Dark Heresy online?

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How would you feel if a player wrote a name on the base of each miniature? Like, Pvt. Ted or something,

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Oh, and we should get our hands on a gas-mask for all of us in case of an emergency like this happens again. Also, we might want to get our hands on a machete or trench knife.

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